5 FIFA 18 player ratings that are hard to explain

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After reviewing the recent ratings released by EA Sports for FIFA 18, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins one thing is pretty certain. The high-profile developers could have done a much better job of numbering some players who either deserved more or less than what they actually received. Sure we have this discussion every year and not everyone is perfect, but there are definitely some glaring issues when it comes to the TIMORE 18 ratings. Players who haven't been a part of season-long campaigns find themselves in the top half of the ratings pile while workaholics remain on the outskirts of obscurity. The usual suspects lead the way with Suarez, Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo all making it to the very top of the list and while nobody is arguing with the inclusion of these superstars as the top brass, it's slightly lower down where the trouble begins. buy fut 18 coins These ratings may be decent, but they don't tell the entire story. Here are five FIFA 18 player ratings that are hard to explain and will leave you scratching your heads:

#5 Gonzalo Higuain- 90

Gonzalo Higuain's career renaissance began following his fairly poor run at Real Madrid. His incredible return to form at Napoli forced a big money transfer to Juventus and as their fans will tell you, the rest is actually history. But is it necessarily as great as they say it is? Well, FIFA 18 appears to think so. Us, not so much. Higuain's jump in ratings come following a mere 84 rating in PAURA 16, 88 in FIFA 17 and now 90 this year. With so many other viable contenders, one might argue that this was highly unnecessary when you consider that several other strikers had an equally good record last season as this Argentine. Did their on-field efforts merit such high numbers? It may indeed be hard to explain. https://www.randyrun.com/FIFA%2018_currency/


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