5 flash games you have absolutely need to play in 2017

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Who says flash games aren’t as good as heavy console games? Sure, they lack the VR feature, but they can be equally exciting. Most of them are free, short and don’t take up the system’s memory. There are some browser games that gained massive popularity and as 2017 progresses, we see more surprises ahead in the online gaming world. Five of such amazing browser video games are mentioned below. Most of you may not have tried them just yet, but if you’re a fan of browser games, you’re going to love them!

Tanki OnlineObsessed with huge tanks and death matches? Tanki Online is the game for you. The objective is pretty simple; blow up as much of the enemy tanks as you like or shoot them with impressive weaponry. The control of the actual tank can be a little challenging, but once you get a hand on it, it’s all fun and destruction. Rated among top flash games, the particular graphical representation of Tanki Online is close to a high resolution of PS2 and therefore quite admirable.

RunescapeAs of 2016,Cheap RS Gold. Runescape was entitled as the most prolifically updated MMORPG video game by Guinness Book of World Records. Millions of players register to play this popular free game and if you aren’t one of these players, then you should definitely give it a go. Visually, it is not an appealing video game, but it is justified because of it was created15 years ago. Now the latest version Runescape 3 is out, which embodies a medieval setting and a realm associated with fantasy and magic that requires you to slay dragons, make new friends, master skills, defeat mythical creatures, and complete quests while you advance through the levels. It is known to be typically the world’s largest MMO game and probably the most addictive one too!

Swords and SoulsSwords and souls is simple yet interesting online game for those who like quick and easy battle games. You get to personalize you character, train him and send him to the battle arena where he will face multiple opponents as the difficulty level will keep on increasing. On your way to this particular exciting RPG sport, you can unlock impressive skills, get brand new equipment, items, abilities and reveal exciting upgrades. There are over 30 arena amounts and survival modes to satisfy your love for battles. This game owns a fairly large amount of rating from its players.

Escaping the PrisonA popular point and click adventure game, Getting away the Prison is for those gamers who prefer playing short games that end within 20 minutes or so. All you have to do is click the items around you to help the character in escaping life imprisonment successfully. As easy as it sounds, this activity requires brains because one wrong move can get you busted. Cheap Runescape Gold.This particular tricky escape gameplay has 2d graphics that make it look animated, but once you start with the game you cannot leave without ending it.

Spongebob Dutchman DashFor the fans regarding games like Sonic Mania and Temple Run, this dash game comes with the most loved nickelodeon personality i. e. Spongebob. Not just this, the players can switch between Spongebob and Patrick collecting the goodies that come in their way and resisting often the hurdles to achieve the maximum score. However , the game is time limited which will keep you under the pump. It is a great alternative for those who love splash games but can’t afford to buy them or download all of them due to less system storage. Just stream it online whenever you feel like getting a gaming rush.


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