Ability Gem Link into path of exile

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Ability Gem Link
5L or 6L weapon garments
Tornado Shot - High-Level Multi-Projection - fast Attack - Battrass Attack - extra Flame injury / Projectile Physical injury - Batt Fight (5l cannot even hit crit damage)
Lightning arrows - high-order multi-projection - crit probability - attack speed part cheap poe chaos orbs injury - physical flip lightning - crit injury (5l cannot even crit damage)

4L: insurance four: injury forged (5) - immortal roar (3) - length extended - weak curse (5)
Halo skills: hate - ashes of the Czech Republic - polar armor - enlightenment (2 solely role), the blue isn't enough to open a halo
Displacement and magic skills: flash shooting - quick attack, lightning, flame, frost magic perform totally different per their has to select a bar

Later, you'll be able to even suggest a 6L barrage to buy poe chaos orbs boss: barrage - physical flip lightning - crit injury - crit probability - slow vote - weapons injury parts, the late idea is that you simply brush a minimum of when T10, the final waste will brush to T10 close to virtually, i feel thus OH... BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds here now...so thanks!


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