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The next 48 hours may be significant to determining if the Canadian Football Leagues 2014 training camp, and possibly regular season, starts on schedule, as executives and legal counsel for the league and the Canadian Football League Players Union are set to meet in Toronto Thursday and Friday for critical talks to finally find common ground on a new collective bargaining agreement. C.J. Anderson Jersey . With the two sides making little progress over the last six months, however, it appears the players union is prepared for another deadlock. "The (PAs strike) ballots are ready to be mailed out," said a source with knowledge of the negotiations, but who spoke on conditions of anonymity. Sources have told TSN that the CFLPA has steadily prepared for the possibility of a strike vote for weeks, by accumulating addresses of its members, and reviewing labour laws in provinces with CFL teams. "This is not a negotiation tactic - this is something the players feel they need to explore if no progress is made Thursday and Friday," the source said. The CFLs current CBA ends May 29. Talks between the league and players are poised on a tipping point because neither side can agree on functional revenue-sharing model. When the two sides met previously in Toronto weeks ago, talks eventually began leaning towards general discussion of revenue-sharing possibilities. League representatives said they would review the developments, only to return later insisting that discussions on any revenue-sharing model could go no further. The CFL apparently has a counter-proposal prepared for the players - different from the reported $100,000 yearly salary cap increase over the life of a new eight-year CBA - but will not reveal the new bottom line unless the players abandon any revenue-sharing model. Apart the disagreement on the feasibility of any revenue-sharing models, previous talks have stalled over the issue of financial transparency: The players have requested the CFL reveal all its numbers, but the league has remained reluctant. "If the owners are anticipating more money and more deals over the course of a new CBA then the players would like to know what exactly (the owners) are anticipating," the source explained. If talks hit an impasse again by the weekend, the union will prepare its members for a strike vote. Some provinces in Canada, Quebec in particular, require strike votes take place after a CBA expires. Nevertheless, the union will encourage its members, regardless of particular labour laws, to stay off the field." "Its going to be tough to prepare for a season, unless one team is prepared to play against itself," the source added. Tom Jackson Authentic Jersey . Sections of the British media reported Friday that Brooklyn Beckham, the son of United great David, was invited to a training session at the club on Thursday. Shannon Sharpe Womens Jersey . - The width of Alec Martinezs shin guard was the difference between the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks in their playoff series opener. .ca. Kerry, In Mondays Habs/Bruins game, there were three questionable/brutal calls against the Habs late in the game - Tomas Plekanec, then Douglas Murray, then Brendan Gallagher.After 20 weeks of regular season football let the playoffs begin! For all players, coaches and management types that made the postseason this week is a good one because whether you have the bye or a game this Sunday, you know the season and an opportunity is present. Based on the history of this league whether youre the crossover team or the team with the best record in the league you cant win it all because it truly is about who plays the best that day. Not day after day, that single, solitary day. For Ottawa and Toronto who played last Friday night, have no doubt - this 2014 season was disappointing because the truth is in a nine-team league if you dont make the playoffs what other possible conclusion can you draw? In the case of Ottawa the honeymoon is over and expectations will surge towards winning and entertaining and no longer creating and improving. The two positive goals that were established for the Redblacks is in stadium fan attendance and a core of good players to build on. The in-stadium fan response was special because it was maintained throughout the year. I anticipated it to waver as the season moved on but it didnt and that was enjoyable to watch. No doubt with a better team that spirit will continue into 2015. Many of the players on the present Ottawa roster will be on next years squad and I feel they accomplished their goal of finding a core of players. They do need more but a sense of continuity was evident in the second half of the season and that group of about 12 will be better than this next year if for no other reason than they are in the same system for another year. I would definitely bring Henry Burris back but they do have to find the next Mike Reilly to create an effective image of success. Age effects all and Henry is no longer a puppy, more an older pit bull. For Toronto through the season they were painful to watch for two reasons. For one, injuries to key players were consistent and the other was the embarrassing absence of true professional football training and practice facilities. We all noticed the turn-around in Hamilton with the addition of Tim Hortons Field and the Argos need to find their own Tim Hortons Field to be a rejuvenated success. And they need to develop the next Ricky Ray who will be closer to 40 than 30 at the end of the 2015 season. I think it is a truth to say the No. 1 challenge for the next commissioner iss to solve the Toronto Argonaut problem. Emmanuel Sanders Jersey. In BC there is no other team with a more difficult challenge going into the playoffs than the Lions. They lost their last twp games by pretty dominant scores, to Edmonton 37-3, and last week at home to Calgary 33-16. Their confidence is being tested but once again even though they travel west to east it is a one-game event in football, so BC needs to rediscover its confidence for Sunday November 16 as that is the only day it is needed. Stephan Logan for BC makes a difference. He had 117 yards rushing and 70 yards in pass receptions and is the guy the Lions can lean on. For Montreal even though they lost to Hamilton 29-15 they beat BC 24-9 in Week 2 and 41-5 in Week 4. That was a long time ago, and beating the same team three times in one year is tough to do, so advantage BC. This one will not be easy for an Alouette team coming off the Tiger-Cat loss. I give BC a real chance for the upset. With Calgary they are set to sit, wait and pounce. Scoring 33 points and winning and getting all healthy again with a bye week ahead, the Stampeders are the team to beat. For the Ticats the win over Montreal was significant in so many ways. First, they remained undefeated at Tim Hortons Field, home of the East final. The bye week is the first rest in 13 weeks for Hamilton as their two regular season byes came in the first half of the season. Plus, they have a defence that continues to improve by making game-changing plays or taking away a teams best player. Duron Carter had 11 catches for 185 yards against Toronto two weeks ago, against Hamilton he had only four catches for 43 yards. From a record of 1-6 back in August to East Division champions and now one game away from the Grey Cup, well done Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The West semi-final will match Saskatchewan at Edmonton and just like BC the Riders have a good chance for the upset, and it would be an upset indeed. But Saskatchewan did run for an amazing 193 yards between all running backs and their quarterback and do have a pivot who has played playoff football before. They had no Mike Reilly and no John White last game, but trust me when I say this, if Edmonton does not play its best football it will not win. Kerry Joseph can handle the pressure. BC at Montreal at 1pm et, Saskatchewan at Edmonton at 4:30pm et this Sunday on TSN. Let the playoffs begin! Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '


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