After Riverside Guitar Instructor Is Charged With Lewd Acts With a Child

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After Riverside Guitar Instructor Is faced with Lewd Acts With a Child Several days after a Riverside guitar teacher was arrested and involved in lewd acts and sodomy with a child under 14 years old, A woman who says she was his coworker recorded a video focusing on their employer Thomas Davis Jersey.

In photos let go by Riverside police, Nathaniel Hernandez is shown before his July 27, 2017, Stop, Put, And prior to when his arrest.

That online, Released Monday by Marie Strassenburg, Accuses Guitar Center of failing to notify the parents of children who appeared to be taught by the man who has been charged.

The Westlake Village based company said in a brief statement that it was cooperating with law enforcement on a study into a former employee.

Riverside police announced July 28 that Nathaniel Hernandez had been arrested by a SWAT team the prior day, About three weeks after a study began.

Hernandez, 27, Has been faced with five counts of a lewd act with a child under 14 and one count of sodomy with a child under 14. Court public records indicate the alleged crimes occurred March 1; He was incurred July 18, When a judge signed a justify for his arrest.

A couple weeks ago, Hernandez was explained police only as a"Guitar trainer at a music business in Riverside, A Riverside Police Department news release said detectives were seeking the public's help distinguishing other potential victims.

"Due to Hernandez' the advantage of children, It is believed there may be nothing other victims who have not yet come forward, The production said.

Three days after police revealed the arrest, Strassenburg took to myspace Monday night, Posting an almost 4 1/2 minute video that she said she hoped would go viral. By early saturday evening, Film had more than 700,000 views and was fast gaining more.

In the playback quality, Surprisingly recorded inside a vehicle, Strassenburg addressed your camera and said she was a piano instructor at Guitar Center Moreno Valley in Riverside and had"Just left, Hernandez, She told me, Didn't show up for work a month earlier and was afterwards fired.

The shop manager, Strassenburg wanted to say, Asked that she and the website's music lessons manager should"Keeping it quiet" And imagine that Hernandez was out sick.

"We thought nothing of it until bounty hunters came in considering him, She agreed. "When i realised he was wanted by the police, We both pressed the store manager to connection the parents and the students that used to be Nathaniel's and he refused. He told us to keep it to us, Keep it quiet,

Strassenburg discovered what Hernandez had been arrested for, She claimed, Her voice wiggling.

"We asked over him, 'Why, Why do we keeping this a secret, She said in film.

She alleged Guitar Center refused to get hold of Hernandez's music students.

On saturday, Mario Birts, Whose son had went to lessons with Hernandez, Told KTLA he estimates he"For sure" Need to have been notified.

"I want to know who my son's in contact with and why they won't be there anymore, He was quoted saying.

In their video, Strassenburgnoted that Hernandez had a previous felony certainty; Riverside County court public records show hewas convicted of burglary in 2008 and sentenced to three years of probation.

When she asked a corporate level employee why Hernandez had been hired to work with children given his criminal records, Motor vehicle. told her that"Criminal background record checks cost money Mike Adams Jersey, Strassenburg cited.

"Quite simply? How expensive is a criminal record check? Is that worth a child's purity, She instructed. "It looks not,

Asked the following friday about Strassenburg's claims, Guitar Center's media relations team sent a short announcement. It digest:

"Guitar Center has been recently made aware of a matter regarding a former employee from its Moreno Valley store. Guitar Center conducts criminal history checks on all of its employees and takes the safety of its employees and customers very seriously Guitar Center is fully cooperating with the police in its investigation of this matter.

"We cannot comment further as this matter involves a pending explore,

Strassenburg, On the other hand, Ended her video by with a boycott of Guitar Center, Urging parents to find private music lessons.


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