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The Significance of Your Envelopes Published: 07.08.2008 | Author: kayemarks | Category: Advertising nike air max 97 noir homme , Business, Marketing
You grab all the mail from your mailbox and take a seat somewhere to sort through the pile. You flip quickly through letter after letter, pulling out the bills, the important ones, and skipping over most of the rest. Odds are good that you鈥檝e skimmed over various advertisements from various companies, and odds are also good that you鈥檝e thrown away the majority of them.

But I鈥檓 betting that you opened at least a few of them. Something caught your eye enough to make you want to keep reading. What was it?

If you plan on using direct mailing with your company to get your commercial printing out to people, you need to be able to answer this question. The envelope is going to be the first thing a person sees when they pick up your advertisement, and if that envelope isn鈥檛 engaging enough to make them feel like opening it air max 97 ultra noir , you can kiss at least one potential customer goodbye.

How then do you get them to open those envelopes?

Unfortunately I can鈥檛 give a single, tried and true method that will always work, because there simply isn鈥檛 one. There are two primary forms of outer envelopes, both of which have a history of success, and might work for your direct mailing.

The first is making your outer envelope like a giant billboard. Whatever your message is you want to make sure people can read it in big letters across the front of the envelope. You鈥檒l likely want to make the envelope colorful, the words large enough to easily read, and the message straightforward enough to be understood after a second鈥檚 glance.

The second method is a more restrained, personal looking envelope. Rather than yelling at the person that this is definitely an advertisement air max 97 silver bullet pas cher , you take the subtler approach, and make your envelopes look professional. They鈥檒l open it more out of curiosity without knowing exactly what they鈥檙e going to get.

Of course, these are not the only two methods people have used, and neither method can really be listed as the best of the two, because each one has its own advantages.

One way of deciding which style will fit you better is by looking at the very commercial printing you planned on sending out to people. If you have a number of brochures you鈥檙e planning to mail to people to let them know about your business, you might want to go with the more subdued outer envelope. If you have a sale or an upcoming special, the billboard styled outer envelope could serve you better by allowing you to state on the envelope what your sale is and what savings the person has coming their way.

Even the kind of company you run will have an impact. A therapist probably isn鈥檛 going to want to slap giant letters across the front of an envelope when they鈥檙e trying to create a professional look, just as a company that has a lot of large sales won鈥檛 want to look too subdued and boring.

Take a moment to evaluate your company air max 97 argent femme , and try to decide which style will be best suited for you.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in commercial printing industry and its benefits for small to medium-scale businesses.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of the National Football League, and in most cases anyone bought me a present I would usually tell them to get me some merchandise. It could have been jerseys, footballs, pictures of my favorite players, or whatever as long as it was NFL. Well, the other evening I happened to discover a place that sold wholesale jerseys for all my favorite franchises. I was ecstatic, and immediately informed all my acquaintances about it.

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