In the Alba RBI second base

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In the Alba's RBI second base run after the score into 6: 0, the Trout played the third time the field hit, he hit a far outfield far-flying ball, and the use of the vast number of angels Made a play with a three base run, angel leading 7: 0. In the second half of the sixth half, full of people in the case, the Trout blasted a barrier base two base, the score expanded to 10: 0, at this time people have realized that history is being rewritten, Trout only need A homer to be able to complete the extremely rare full blow.

Moore in the cast 6 after losing 1 points after the exit, nothing to win or defeat, and Nuno in the seventh inning was hit a hits back. However, the Yankees debut of the rescue pitcher Kelly was the opponent hit a second base run, the light made two or three base, no one out of the situation. Although the Yankees put on Logan to rescue Cliff Pennington Jersey, but the light still rely on a banding hits and a sacrifice to beat the score to 3: 1, of which 2 points is Nuo Nuo's self-duty points. The ninth half of the first half, the light out of their last season hit a rescue pitcher single season defense rate of the lowest record of Rodney play rescue, but this season's Rodney is now, because he as early as last year In November began to prepare for the classic game Vicente Campos Jersey.

After losing the first game of the series, the Red Sox is brave and brave, winning two games, the game they strive to win the victory to complete this series of victory Alex Meyer Jersey. But the face of the red socks starting pitcher Du Boulant, the first to open the record is the Indians, in the two hits and a red socks after the garrison mistakes, Santana's two RBI hits will score more than 2-0. In the red socks to recover a point, the fifth half of the first half, the Indian Zipunis hit a sun gun to rewrite the score to 3: 1 Reggie Jackson Jersey. Shi Wei Xu's spring guns allowed them to expand their lead in the first half of the sixth innings to three points.


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