And eventually to 8 games lost 4 points

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And eventually to 8 games lost 4 points, the largest league career with the highest number of balls with 130 balls to beat the tiger, won the season seventh victory. On the other hand, the New York Yankees Glan Landen finally returned, their veteran pitcher Patrick and fell down, in today's game, because of his back injury early exit, and was included in the 15th wounded list The

This season, the Yankees soldier camp situation in the game by their starting lineup was reflected in the crystal clear. They are in the shortstop, catcher and third baseman these three positions, able to put the players even the team in the position of the third player, and their main and the first bench because of a variety of injuries and not Not absent Hanley Ramirez Jersey. And their baseman was a little better, but it was just a substitute for Ao Fobe. Even the starting pitcher of the game was the top of the season as a long relay Phelps in Nova and Pete two first generals injured after the top came.

In today's game is already wounded camps of the New York Yankees and suffered bad news, their most stable pitcher Kuroda Bo tree in today's game was a hit raid hit the calf Pablo Sandoval Jersey, just cast 2 Board on the early exit, Yankees also in the first three Council into a 1: 6 behind, and ultimately 3: 6 lost to the Orioles. On the other hand, the Korean nationality left the turn of Liu Xianzhen in the distress period to save the Dodge one Luis Tiant Jersey, he today 7.1 Bureau lost 2 points good vote to help the poor situation of Dodge won a victory Josh Rutledge Jersey, can be considered out of the first step of self-rescue The


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