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Anti-termites Many people face the problem of having termites at home because of some of the man's wrongful practices, such as putting wood near doors, leaving windows open, not cleaning the house properly, or not drying the floors out of water. Most people find it difficult to get rid of this problem, so we will discuss in this article some of the easy ways to combat termites, in addition to some tips.

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Methods of anti-termites cardboard trap wetting two pieces of cardboard. The leaves are placed on top of each other in the areas where there are ants; the termites are characterized by their feeding on the cellulose that penetrates the cardboard. The leaves are taken, burned after the ants are attached to them, and the process is repeated more than once until the ants are finally disposed of.

Cylindrical worms buy cylindrical worms from any nursery and are placed immediately in soil up to 16 ° C. Worms are placed in the early morning or in Morocco hours in the presence of ants until they eliminate it. View wood for the sun The furniture is removed from the house and exposed under the sun. Leave the furniture in the sun for at least two days until the ants are killed. Freezing ants The pieces of furniture that accumulate on termites are placed in a large freezer. Leave the furniture in the freezer for at least two days until the ants die completely, knowing that this method is somewhat difficult because of the large size of some pieces of furniture, but it is one of the most effective ways. Boric acid spray areas containing ants with boric acid. The taste of boric acid is grown in the home garden and in various places of penetration of ants.


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