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But in any case, Atkinson's penalty penalty is a foregone conclusion. Bashuya had wanted to take a penalty kick, but Conti insisted that more quasi-William, the Brazilians also calmly hit the penalty to help Chelsea second lead. Free kick + penalty kick twice, fans have the idea: William has the opportunity to play the hat for the first time career?

Unfortunately, Conti did not give him a chance. When Tottenham equalized, Tieshuai dispatched Azal to battle, he replaced is not Pedro, but the goal hero William - this is clearly not to let him accept Wembley fans applause. It can also be seen, Conti still more confident Saber: William Premier League this season Ron Duguay Jersey, only 20 appearances starting 13 times, while Pedro 29 appearances starting 23 times, but the two goals almost the same Viktor Stalberg Jersey, the former 6 ball , The latter 7 ball, but the Saber recorded 7 assists, William only 1 time.

The first 80 minutes of the game, Fabregas bottom line back to do, Azar will be the ball to keep up before the restricted area of ??the matic Jaromir Jagr Jersey, Serbia iron waist 25 yards outside the left foot shot blasted the world wave, Loris watched the ball flew into the ball The upper right corner, the score into 4-2!

And with the Blues fans together into a crazy celebration, as well as Chelsea's bench, according to live screen shows, replaced by Costa Rica Bashuya holding Zuma, and Zuma's hands holding his head, eyes widening , The mouth became an O-type, but also talk about the "my gods!" A look can not believe that the world's appearance of the horse. However, it is no wonder that Zuma can make such a surprised expression Antti Raanta Jersey, you know, for the waist position in the unknown mary, this is his nearly a year on behalf of Chelsea scored the first goal.


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