For The Balthazar's Big Raffle has hit on the game

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Besides the RuneScape Raffle Ticket from Balthazar, members can talk Old School RuneScape Gold to Gilly RuneScape to get an extra ticket. Meanwhile, the Lava Lanterns have come back to game too. We believe cheap RS3 gold for sale is needed more than ever before.
Speak to Gilly Willikers RuneScape every day for an extra Raffle Ticket
Until October 2, 2017, apart from the RuneScape Raffle Ticket gained by talking to Balthazar, members can get one more ticket each day by speaking to Gilly Willikers RuneScape (the clown who works for Balthazar's Big Raffle) unless one has been received from a daily challenge already. Once you hand in your Raffle Tickets, you can get hands on various kinds of prizes. And don’t forget you can get a piece of Gilly's clown outfit with every five tickets used.
Earn lava Lanterns RuneScape until September 4 fro more
Unlike the Balthazar's Big Raffle, the Treasure Hunter Lava Lanterns has limited time, Cheap Runescape 3 Gold which will end at 23: 59 UTC on 4 September. However , everyone who have interest can join in it.
This time the Lava Lanterns are better than ever, and each Lantern grants you 100% of the regular XP which a lamp of the same size will grant, plus the same quantity of Bonus XP on top, which is 200% XP totally compared with 150% XP previously. That means if a lamp will regularly grant you 10, 000 XP, a Lava Lantern of the same size will give you 10, 000 XP as well as 10, 000 Bonus XP.
Cherish this period and there is cheap RS3 gold for sale here. Besides don’t forget you can find Gilly RuneScape around the Misthalin and Asgarnia lodestones and stoke up your skill training right now.


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