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Given the list of illustrious names who could not survive past 36 holes here, special Martin Maldonado Authentic Jersey credit is due to Scottie Scheffler. The 20-year-old from Dallas finished as the leading amateur on the highly respectable 72-hole aggregate of minus one.As Scheffler continues his career, confidence clearly will not be a problem. “I was trying to compete and see if I could win the golf tournament,” he said. “I think it would be pretty cool winning the US Open as an amateur and that was my goal coming in.”Lee Westwood’s 76 perhaps impacted on post-round sentiment but the Englishman made it clear he would be in no hurry to return to Erin Hills. “This wouldn’t be my favourite US Open venue,” he admitted. “I prefer when they play the traditional golf courses. The two new ones they have played recently [Chambers Bay and Erin Hills] aren’t as good as the older style courses like Shinnecock, Winged Foot, Oakmont and Congressional.”Jordan Spieth instead offered glowing praise towards the United States Golf Association’s management of this major. The 2015 champion signed off with a 69 for a total of one over par before acknowledging inevitable pressure as felt by the USGA on account of US Open controversies of recent times.“I was very, very impressed at the job the USGA did this week,” said Spieth. “I think they did a fantastic job.“Chambers Bay was tough with the greens and then last year had a tough Sunday. I thought that the USGA did a phenomenal job this week of allowing the golf course to be what it is and play the way it’s supposed to play. Not trying to do anything to hold any kind of standard. Instead, create an environment where, if you play well, you can score and, if you don’t, then it can go the other way.One coach recently told of an athlete who made some modest but justified criticisms of his sport. A few months later his lottery funding was trimmed. Perhaps it was coincidental but his fellow athletes took away a lesson: he rocked the boat and lost Darryl Strawberry Womens Jersey out. As the coach explained: “A lot of signals are sent to people to say don’t misbehave and I am troubled by that. No one is saying that bullying and other such behaviour is widespread but there is an environment that does not allow enough checks and balances.”One can imagine how vulnerable this leaves the athletes. One false move and their livelihood is toast. It does not help that Olympic athletes do not really have a strong union. Nominally there is the British Athletes Commission, which represents 1,400 Olympians and Paralympians, but few believe it has enough resources or independence to be as effective as it needs to be.There is another factor at play, too. Many athletes want to stay in sport, either as a coach or administrator, when they quit the field of play. For those who pick up a reputation as a troublemaker the stink is hard to shake. As the former British bobsleigher Henry Nwume, who spoke to the BBC last week about problems inside his sport, told me: “You have everything to lose by talking. Athletes know that they run the risk of being attacked, discredited and blackballed. And that continues even after they retire. They fear positions that might have been opened for them will be closed. And they will become persona non grata.”Whistleblowers also know their accounts are likely to be belittled by athletes inside the system. This is not necessarily malicious. Coaches tend to treat potential medallists better: one I spoke to admitted he was seen as a “golden child” by his performance director and never received – or even saw – the abuse that many of his friends got. So when Sir Bradley Wiggins or Sir Chris Hoy is asked if there was anything wrong with British Cycling, perhaps one should not be shocked when they say no.Best, 38, met her husband about 20 years ago when they were both riding out at Toby Balding’s yard and other stables.


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