The bridge is either made of porcelain and metal

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Dental bridges are recommended to replace missing teeth. Often people complain of not being able to eat and chew food properly and also for feeling embarrassed smiling in the public because of the space being created due to multiple tooth fall. Dentists suggest insertion of a dental bridge to improve a person's appearance and eating and speaking habits.

4 Types of Dental Bridges

Fixed Bridges

The traditional method of dental implants includes placing a fake tooth or pontic in the missing space. One or more dental crowns are designed to place on one or both sides of the pontic. The bridge is either made of porcelain and metal or ceramic. The pontic is permanently fixed to the missing area and cannot be removed.

Resin-bonded Bridges

Also known as Maryland-bonded bridges Brendan Langley Jersey , resin-bonded bridges are used to fill-in the gap supported by two natural, strong tooth on either side of the fake tooth. The artificial tooth is made of plastic and includes two metal bands that bonds with the adjacent natural tooth to provide support and prevent dislocation. Compared to the fixed bridges Carlos Henderson Jersey , the resin-bonded ones can be inserted fast. The procedure is cheap as well.

Cantilever Bridges

This treatment is carried on patients who have natural front teeth on just one side of the lost tooth or teeth. This method is usually suggested for a missing front tooth or teeth that faces less wear and tear while eating and chewing.

Nesbit Bridges

This type of dental bridge is one of the newest techniques to replace a missing tooth. A removable partial denture, called Nesbit Demarcus Walker Jersey , is used to replace one to three teeth one any side of the mouth. These dentures are much smaller in size and low cost compared to the traditional partial dentures. A Nesbit bridge is made of a nylon thermoplastic material and doesn't include metal clasps.

What are Bridges Made of?

They are usually made of porcelain that offers durability, porcelain and precious metal mixed Garett Bolles Jersey , or all-metal preferably gold.

Procedure of Fixing a Bridge

Usually two appointments are enough to get a new artificial tooth or teeth.

The first appointment:

Anesthesia is given to the affected area
The adjacent teeth on both sides are trimmed to properly place the crown
A dental putty is used to create a replica of the missing tooth or teeth
A shade book is accessed to find the correct shade of color of the missing tooth
A temporary bridge is placed in the missing area to prevent gum decay

The second appointment:

The temporary bridge is removed and the newly created permanent bridge brought from the dental lab is fixed using a cement material
Further visits are suggested to check the positioning of the fake tooth

Longevity of a Dental Bridge

Once successfully inserted, a bridge can last up to 15 years. However Derek Wolfe Jersey , the patient has to take proper care of the tooth to keep it beautiful and shining.

Procedures of Taking Care of the Bridges

Regular brushing and flossing of the teeth is required to maintain a good oral hygiene. The dental bridge needs to be cleaned properly to prevent the occurrence of bad breath and tooth decay. Moreover, dentists suggest eating soft food and not cracking hard nuts Trevor Siemian Jersey , etc. just after a bridge is inserted inside your mouth.
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