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The very idea of wearing a bubble wrap suit sounds pretty creative and surprisingly it is very comfortable to wear too. It looks cool and easily catches the attention in the crowd. There is also a hood that covers and protects your head. The trouser of this suit comes with an elastic band that makes it easy to wear it quickly. And the coat comes with a velcro strip that can be very comfortable to wear. It comes in various sizes and your kids would love to wear them too.

It is quite easy to make a bubble wrap suit, and you don’t have to even use a sewing machine. Just use a suit that you own to make a pattern, you can do this by laying out the suit and measuring the elements of the trousers and jackets, and you can even trace some of the shapes, such as the back and two fronts of the jacket. Try to make the suit as loose fitting as possible as bubble-wrap doesn’t have any give or elastcicity like usual material. Use self-adhering velcro or cold glue to stick the components of the suit together. Don’t use a glue gun as the hot glue will melt the thin plastic of the bubble wrap

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