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Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys The 52nd NFL Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 and won the Super Bowl championship in history. The 52-year dream finally came true. The New England Patriots have entered the Super Bowl five times in the 21st century and won the championship. This year the United States defeated the Jaguars by 24-20. NFL jerseys If the Patriots can win the championship again this year, they will be the same as the Pittsburgh Steelers, becoming the team with the highest number of Super Bowl titles in the NFL history, and will also create a second four-year triple crown, while quarterback Brady also Will receive a personal sixth championship. The Philadelphia Eagles, the only team in the Eastern Conference of the League of Nations that never won the Super Bowl, scored the Super Bowl for the third time this year, winning the Vikings 38-7 in the finals of the National League.

Allen Barbre JerseyIn the first quarter, the Hawks made an extremely fierce start and pushed forward to the Red Zone. The Patriots' defensive team had a successful defensive success in the third straight red zone. Alshon Jeffery Jersey The Hawks took the free kick and the 3-0 Hawks took the lead in breaking the deadlock. The Patriots began a counterattack and the offensive team was not subjected to particularly strong rushing pressure. Brady pushed through the short pass and the Hawks used a lot of people to defend Glonkowski's success in the Red Zone. The Patriots also took a shot and got 3 points. Bennie Logan Jersey In the second attack of the Eagles, Falls found an outside receiver Agrol to complete the 7-yard catch, back running Blount personally to complete the 36-yard run, wide receiver Alshen-Jeffrey rushed directly to the end zone, Nick- The high-tech personnel of the Fowlers Arts had completed a wonderful touchdown with a straightforward rejection. The 77-yard attack of the Hawks took only 1 minute and 43 seconds to make it the first touchdown of the 52nd Super Bowl. However, the Hawks striker Jack Elliot added penalty points to fly and the Hawks only got 6 points to lead 9-3.

Brandon Brooks Jersey In the second quarter, the Patriots advanced 74 yards with eight attacks. Although the three attacks were unsuccessful, the distance was only 26 yards. It should be no problem for the Patriots player Gerst Koski to get 3 points, but patriotism. The supporter Ryan Allen received the pass from the long drive passer and did not catch the ball, resulting in Gestekowski's shot hitting the left post and the Patriots returning without success. Brandon Graham Jersey Can only hand over the ball. The Eagles' first offensive in this section was smashed by the Patriots' defense team, but the Hawks' running back Le Garrett-Bloot exerted force on the second offense and faced the old owner with no mercy and made a direct bloodline. Complete the touchdown! The Hawks chose a two-point conversion but failed, but they scored six points and led the two touchdowns 15-3. With the second attack by the Patriots, Brent Celek Jersey Brady was under strong pressure, and several passes were unfair. He relied on a large number of rushing balls from Rex-Burkehead and the Patriots completed a 3-pointer. The attempt to shoot, the Eagles 15-6 lead. After the ball changed hands, the Eagles quarterback Nick Fowles dared to throw, but was durrified by Durham-Harmon half-way, the patriots regained the ball right away.

Brian Dawkins Jersey James White, a hero who helped the Patriots complete the big reversal last year, stood out and the Patriots completed the first touchdown in the game. However, Gestekowski also scored additional points. The eagle remained 15-12. Leading. Before the end of the second quarter, the Hawks played a highly imaginative tactic from the forward forward Burton to pass the ball to quarterback Fowles to complete the touchdown. After the goalkeeper Elliot scored a goal, Brian Westbrook Jersey he led 22-12 in the first half. After Justin Timberlake's midfield show, the third quarter opened the curtain. In the first attack of the Patriots in the second half, Brady found an obliquely inserted Glonkowski at 5 yards. Complete the ball touchdown, and hit by Gestkowski, the Hawks only lead 22-19. The eagle didn't panic, and Clement 1V2 finished the magical touchdown touchdown! He received a passing pass from quarterback Nick Falls. After the referee repeatedly confirmed that the Hawks touchdown was effective, Caleb Sturgis Jersey Elliot added a penalty and the Hawks led 29-19. The Patriots chased after him, and Brady felt a gradual recovery. He found Chris Hogan to finish the touchdown. The Hawks ended 29-26 and ended the third quarter.

Carson Wentz Jersey In the last quarter, Eagles kicker Elliot scored a 43-yard shot with the Hawks leading 26-26. The success rate of the third conversion of Patriots soared, and Brady connected Grundowski to a rough touchdown. With the addition of stable points in the kick, the Patriots after three more time chasing finally overtake the score to lead 33-32. Chance Warmack Jersey In the last three minutes of the game, the Hawks seized the last chance. Nick Falls turned leftwards for 11 yards to the right-hander Zach Otz. The latter flew into the touchdown area and scored the touchdown. The Hawks again We went ahead and scored 2 points, but the challenge failed and 38-33 lead. The Patriots were back in the water, but Brady then leaked the ball at the crucial moment "Butterman" and then the Eagles hit a free kick of 46 yards with Elliott, and steadily scored an additional 41-33 lead. The Patriots need to get to the rim with the fastest speed and complete the 2 points to convert points to have the chance to put the game into overtime, but the Hawks' defense did not give opponents a chance. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots by 41-33. Chase Daniel Jersey The team's history won the Super Bowl for the first time. The Patriots missed the sixth defending champion's defeat and failed to complete the four-year triple crown.


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