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SHANGHAI Cory Schneider Jersey , Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Five former workers at a Shanghai day care center were arrested on the charge of child abuse Wednesday, local prosecutors said.

The suspects have been in detention since the case was reported to the police on Nov. 8.

The suspects were caught on camera in a Ctrip day care center, appearing to abuse young children, Changning district people's procuratorate said

Leading travel agency Ctrip established the center, run by a third-party organization Brian Rafalski Jersey , in 2016 to help employees with childcare for children under three years old, the minimum age for kindergartens.

The district people's procuratorate has dispatched prosecutors specializing in child criminal cases to assist the police in the investigation, promising to safeguard the legal rights of the minors involved.

Video footage showing carers abusing children went viral online, leading to an intense public outcry. One clip showed a female employee throwing a girl's schoolbag on the floor and pushing her violently, causing her to fall and hit her head on the corner of a table.

In another video Brandon Dubinsky Jersey , a child cried after being forced to eat something, which his parents later claimed was wasabi.

In early 2016, Shanghai magazine "Modern Family" signed a contract with Ctrip to run the day care center. It later subcontracted the center to a third-party organization, but controlled financial affairs of the center.

The Women's Federation of Shanghai, to which the magazine is affiliated Blake Wheeler Jersey , apologized to the public for a "lack of supervision and management." The president of the magazine was fired.

Ctrip has sought new management for the center and said it would allow employees to see surveillance video of classrooms on their mobile phones in the future.

COPENHAGEN, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Novozymes, the world's largest producer of industrial enzymes, reported on Friday better-than-expected financial results for the first half of 2017.

"Overall, the first half was good Ben Bishop Jersey , and better than expected," said Peder Holk Nielsen, president and CEO of Novozymes, in a statement.

"We had growth in the large segments and delivered 3 percent organic sales growth with a strong EBIT margin, excluding one-offs Cheap Minnesota Wild Jerseys ," Nielsen said.

According to the interim financial report, earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) for the first six months of 2017 stood at 1.973 billion Danish kroner, up 3 percent from 1.911 billion kroner year-on-year.

Sales rose 3 percent to 7.278 billion kroner in the first half of 2017 as compared to the same period last year.

In the first half, the company's household care enzymes grew by 3 percent to stand at 2.397 billion kroner, contributing 33 percent of total sales.

Novozymes maintained its full-year expectations for organic growth with sales and net profit to grow between 2 and 5 percent Zach Parise USA Jersey , while EBIT margin projected at around 28 percent.

However, the outlook for sales and EBIT growth in Danish kroner have been adjusted to 1 to 4 percent as against a previous forecast of 3 to 6 percent, due to "a weaker currency environment." (1 U.S. dollar = 6.33 Danish kroner)

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Temporary settlements established in quake-hit Sichuan

6 ancient cities found deep underground in C China

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Highlights of multinational drill in Georgia

People mark national Fitness Day around China

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Qiandao Lake: Home to 114 known fish species

This approach to costing solves the problem of how to apportion or divide overhead costs between products – it does not apportion them at all. Instead, the method concentrates on two very important accounting concepts:

• Marginal cost is the cost of producing an extra unit. This extra cost will clearly be a variable direct cost. For example, if the total cost of producing 100 units is $400 000 and the total cost of producing 101 units is $400 050 Tim Thomas USA Jersey , the marginal cost is $50.

• The contribution to fixed costs and profit. This is the revenue gained from selling a product less its variable direct costs. This is not the same as profit, which can only be calculated after overheads have also been deducted. For example, if that 101st unit with a variable (marginal) cost of $50 is sold for $70, it has made a contribution towards fixed costs of $20. The unit contribution is found as the difference between the sale price ($70) and the extra variable cost ($50), that is $20.

Contribution costing has very important advantages over full costing when management plans to take important decisions based on cost data. If a business makes more than one product or provides more than one service T. J. Oshie USA Jersey , contribution costing shows managers which product or service is making the greatest or least contribution to overheads and profit.

• Overhead costs are not allocated to cost centers, so contribution costing avoids inaccuracies and arbitrary allocations of these costs.

• Decisions about a product or department are made on the basis of contribution to overheads – not ‘profit or loss’ based on what may be an inaccurate full-cost calculation.

• Excess capacity is more likely to be effectively used, as orders or contracts that make a positive contribution will be accepted.

• By ignoring overhead costs until the final calculation of the business’s profit or loss, contribution costing does not consider that some products and departments may actually incur much higher fixed costs than others. In addition, single-product firms have to cover the fixed costs with revenue from this single product Ryan Suter USA Jersey , so using contribution costing is unlikely to be so appropriate.


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