Chelsea and Manchester City super power

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Chelsea and Manchester City super power, but the pants are not no chance to grab points, do not forget them but beat Arsenal, draw over Manchester United it The face of double blue Kael Mouillierat Jersey, West Brown's approach is only one: iron wall tightening line of defense, and then hope to locate the ball to kill the cold up West Brom's last opponent is Swansea, if the Swan Sea is still relegation, certainly in the free stadium desperately to fight Carl Hagelin Jersey, oath 3 points. But the fate of the Swansea has been identified (whether relegation or downgrade), the pants are completely possible away from the away 1 minute or even 3 points.

For Tottenham, as the last season as a result of the semi-finals is successful Daniel Sprong Jersey, even more successful than the Barcelona win. Just like Atletico, that's why I admire Simone's reason, I have been longing to win, but I also like the challenge, if you can not spend a lot of money in the case is still able to challenge the championship Adam Clendening Jersey, this is my favorite The same as when I was teaching the Spaniards.

Saturday night Chelsea to Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup semi-final can be said that this season's Premier League title title rehearsal. As a result of last Sunday lost to Manchester United, Chelsea in the standings have been catching up by the Tottenham team. Currently both sides in the league are only 6 games, Chelsea only lead Spurs 4 points, basically all insiders believe that the league title will be decided in the two teams.


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