Cleaning the house

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Cleaning the house

Every lady dreams of a clean house free of dust and dirt but carrying daily cleaning and endless housework, can she make it difficult to clean herself? Or is it not doing it right? Are there ways to facilitate cleaning? Cleaning Tips Remove dust twice a week using cleaning fluids for wooden furniture, preventing dust from accumulating quickly. When doing a floor survey, start from one side and gradually move to the rest of the floor.

Carefully clean pots and cups with hot water, and avoid using chlorine and other harmful chemicals with your bare hands to damage them. Use newspaper sheets and a little vinegar to clean mirrors and windows. After each shower sprinkle hot water in the bathtub to avoid being water stains. Ways to clean the house of these methods are as follows: A way to clean the carpet The ladies usually change the dirty carpet or use a cleaning company, especially if the carpet color is open, but after trying this method to clean carpet stains will not worry after today.

Sprinkle a little sodium bicarbonate on the stains and leave it to soak the dirt for a while. Place the spot with a vacuum cleaner well. Mix a little dishwashing liquid with vinegar and hot water, rubbing the carpet with a clean white towel. Wipe the spot with warm water to remove the foam and dry it. To facilitate your day, make sure that you do not grow up and the house is dirty. Gather the children's toys, arrange the living room, and wash the dishes and dishes before sleeping. Always make sure the guest room is especially clean to avoid embarrassment when sudden visitors come.

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How to clean the gas Remove the eyes of gas and soak them in hot water and utensils. Wipe off the surface of the gas with hot water and towel clean well, and avoid using coarse sponges so as not to cause scratches. If the surface of the gas is very dirty and full of fat, you can sprinkle a little sodium bicarbonate, rub it thoroughly and clean it, then with hot water and dry it with a dry clean towel. To add a shine to the surface of the gas, wipe it with a little bit of baby oil. Rub the eyes of the gas well and dry it and put it in place. How to clean the bathroom Keep your bathroom cleaning tools from sponge to towel and to floor mop. Wash the washbasin and toilet seat periodically to avoid yellowing and collecting germs.

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Wipe the ceramic floor after each shower well to make sure its gloss stays. Remove the rust and calcification stains from the taps by wiping them with lemon. Wash the shower curtain every two weeks and do not care.
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