Cleaning methods for water tanks

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Cleaning methods for water tanks

All water sources and valves distributed, especially those that supply water to the reservoir, which is usually near the water meter, must be closed. Work on moving sediment to start disposal and any residue. Continue stirring until the water starts with turbidity to start the sediment by hanging in water with a clean brush or stick. Open the cold water faucet for drainage and preferably choose the faucet closest to the tank.
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Start by scraping sediments or residues from them may be located at the bottom of the tank or on the sides. Working on removing the water from the tank so that we keep about 30 cm in the tank. Open the water valve to supply the tank with a new amount of water to expel the sediment. Close the cold water faucet.
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Use chlorine in cleaning Method 2 By adding chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) Wear protective goggles before you start cleaning. Wear special rubber gloves. Use one large spoonful of 15 ml of chlorine per 200 liters of water. As a quick example, we will add 3 tablespoons, about 45 ml of chlorine-free household bleach, to 6% of chlorine solution to the top of the tank.

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