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Huge California Study Concludes Soda Consumption Undeniably Linked to Obesity

Home Articles(NaturalNews) Much like Big Tobacco once did with nicotine, the soda industry and high fructose corn syrup producers of America have maintained a ridiculous state of flat out denial about the links between soda consumption and obesity. "Sodas don make you fat," they insist. Meanwhile, as Americans guzzle down insanely large quantities of soda and liquid sugar with each passing year, rates of obesity and diabetes continue to steadily climb. Surely diet must have something to do with it, right?

Thanks to a new California study, soda companies can no longer hide behind the defense of uncertainty when it comes to links between soda consumption and obesity. This massive study questioned the soda consumption habits of 43,000 adults and 4,000 adolescents and concluded this: Drinking one or more sodas a day increases your chances of obesity by 27 percent. A whopping 62% of adults who drink at least one soda each day are overweight or obese. coach purses outlet

The study also found that Californians are gulping down sodas at an unprecedented rate: At least one soda is consumed daily by 41 percent of children, 62 percent of adolescents and 24 percent of adults. Through the study, another shocking statistic was revealed: The average California teen consumes 39 pounds of liquid sugar a year solely from soda consumption. cheap real jordans

Sadly, the study didn look at rates of diabetes and bone loss the phosphoric acid in sodas causes osteoporosis, even in males but there little doubt that a similar correlation exists between soda consumption and those diseases, too. The whole issue of aspartame and diet sodas also wasn looked at in this study, but that yet another important area of investigation that will probably be delayed for many years until the number of people drinking diet soda who get diagnosed with brain cancer can no longer be denied. real cheap jordans

We been warning about this for years coach online outlet

The interesting thing about all this is that the champions of natural health have been warning society about this for years. Whether you talking about myself and NaturalNews, or Dr. Julian Whitaker, or even going back to Weston Price, we all been shouting about the dangers of widespread cola consumption long before it appeared on the radar of mainstream consciousness. There now no question about it: When soda consumption goes up, so do rates of obesity. And with higher obesity rates, you automatically get greatly increased rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression and other diseases that are very expensive to treat. michael kors canada

Ultimately, that means that soda consumption greatly increases the health care costs of any nation, because higher soda consumption leads to higher rates of diseases that are expensive to treat. I guessing that for every dollar a consumer spends on soda, another dollar worth of long term health care cost is created at the same time. Except those costs are paid directly by the consumer; they paid by the taxpayers and health insurance customers. coach diaper bag

That why reforming health care necessarily requires doing something drastic to reduce soda consumption across first world nations. You can have both affordable health care and a nation full of soda guzzlers.

How to reduce soda consumption michael kors outlet

Greatly reducing the consumption of sodas is easier than you think. It just takes some political backbone. and a willingness for politicians to stop pussyfooting around with the issue in an effort to please the rich, powerful soft drink corporations. coach factory outlet online

It time to start treating soft drink companies as what they truly are: The enemies of public health and financial parasites that drain public coffers through increased health care costs caused by their products. Their ads promise happiness, but their products deliver disease. polo outlet

The first step to reducing soft drink consumption is to ban all soda advertising. In fact, that might be the only step that necessary. Simply reveal that sodas are a clear and scientifically proven hazard to public health, and declare that in order to protect our nation youth, products that pose a clear and imminent hazard to public health will no longer be allowed to be advertised in any form: Not on television, magazines, sporting events or even through internet advertising. They are still free to have their own websites, of course, where they can describe their products. They just can advertise on someone else website. Constitution guarantee free speech for all individuals? Indeed, it does, but in my opinion and I know that far better informed Constitutional lawyers would probably disagree with me on this there nothing in the Constitution that guarantees freedom of speech to corporations. That "right" has been invented through a loose interpretation of what the Constitution really says. cheap jordans for sale

I don believe that corporations should have the same rights as individuals, because the free speech of one person is all too often completely drowned out by the "free speech" of a multi billion dollar corporation that can buy virtually unlimited air time on television.

Can we just tax sodas instead?

Another popular suggestion is to tax the heck out of sodas, thereby making them more expensive in order to discourage consumers from buying them. If you believe in levying new taxes on the poor, this is a great idea, because poor people buy and consume far more soda than wealthy people, making a "soda tax" largely a tax on the poor.

I strongly disagree with the idea of using new taxes to shape consumer behavior. Why? Because the current tangle of government taxes and subsidies is so complex and confusing that it has long since lost any attachment to common sense. For example, there are currently subsidies on sugar and corn. Yet one of the sweeteners used in soft drinks is high fructose corn syrup, which is derived from corn. If a new soda tax passes, it means our government would simultaneously be in the business of providing subsidies to corn while taxing another product that uses an ingredient derived from corn. The overhead of tracking and collecting all these taxes is an enormous waste of government resources. polo outlet online

It far better to just deny these soda companies the ability to use the media to influence teens and adults into buying and consuming their products. With no advertising, soda consumption would plummet, and the obesity epidemic would begin to turn around. Health care costs would ease and we be on our way to a healthier generation of future adults in America.

The mainstream media: Running on disease

The mainstream media, of course, would have a tissy fit with this idea. A significant portion of their advertising revenues come directly from companies that sell sodas and sugary drinks, putting them in the business of promoting products that directly harm children and teens.

But that business, and the media doesn feel any special responsibility to protect people from dangerous products that just happen to be paying their salaries. That why they openly advertise dangerous, deadly pharmaceuticals designed to treat the very diseases caused by other products they advertise, like junk foods and soda.

There a lot of money to be made from selling harmful products the people, and just like everybody else, the mainstream media wants its piece of the action. If you ban the advertising of harmful foods and beverages, many newspapers, magazines and television shows would collapse in weeks. It is precisely the advertising expenditures of high margin junk product companies that keep the media afloat. Never forget that. especially when you reading an article about sodas in the mainstream media. cheap real jordans


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