Up-date to RUNEFEST 2014 - you can use online game currency exchange

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Jagex sport studio today announced programs for the annual Runescape fan conference: RuneFest. This year, players find participate in free routines, through the gold supplies in the game or via exchanges with other participants to purchase their RSB bonds.

Using RS bonds, you can buy seat tickets for RuneFest, resort accommodation, and products without spending a penny (or euros)! RuneFest is going to be held at London's tobacco dock a prior weekend not too long ago, 11 October, Old School RS Gold,and can have RuneScape followers meet with game programmers and look forward to upcoming updates. In addition to the chance of paying through RS bonds, they can additionally buy 99 lbs from Monday, This summer 28. Jagex works together with local hotels to permit participants to purchase immediately accommodation through RS bonds. Virtual foreign currencies can also be exchanged with regard to crystal COINS, as well as RuneFest visitors could get free food, beverages and fans in the event. Jagex local community and event office manager Jane Ryan states:

"For the last thirteen years, RuneScape has created a very loyal following and is as interested in gaming as we tend to be. "RuneFest is our own celebration of all the techniques we make RuneScape so special, the most crucial of which is all of us: players. This year we would like to make sure that as many people as possible can be generally there. That's why we allow them use the game's foreign currency to get almost everything. Buy RS 3 GoldGamers can participate in pursuits without spending a penny! inch

The RuneScape relationship was launched in Sept 2013 and can be bought from the game in RuneScape, using real cash or gold COINS.


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