deserves a fitting farewell

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deserves a fitting farewell
All things must pass. Even, it turns out, the glorious, unrepeatable and by the end strangely Willie Snead Authentic Jersey interminable reign of Arsène Wenger Womens Tyrann Mathieu Jersey as manager of Arsenal Football Club. Womens C.J. Fiedorowicz Jersey After 22 years in charge Wenger has announced that he will retire at the end of the current season.

It is a departure that has been pencilled tentatively in to the footballing calendar for as long as anyone cares to remember; but which still arrived on Friday morning like a long-delayed bereavement, jamming the phone-in switchboards and flooding social media with the usual mess of rage, regret and irresolvable argument over a hotly contested legacy.

The news of Wenger’s departure came not from his own lips at one of his bi-weekly press conferences but via an official statement – fittingly so for a man entirely bound up in this footballing institution, who almost feels like a physical component of that looming glass and steel super-stadium.
There will now be a sense of deep fascination around Arsenal’s final seven or possibly eight games of the season, a run that would take Wenger up to a mind-boggling total of 1,236 matches in charge. Not to mention, of course, an air of genuine sadness.
Throughout English football’s violent structural changes of the past three decades there has been something reassuringly immovable about that gangling figure with the hawk-like frown, the turban of grey hair, arms flapping at his sides like broken deckchair struts, utterly captivated at all times by the spectacle in front of him.
Wenger will retire three months short of his 69th birthday, in the process bringing to an end one of the great, transformative, utterly distinctive careers in British sport.
He joined Arsenal in the summer of 1996 from Japanese football as an almost total unknown in this country, an entirely left-field figure, but agreeably intense and jarringly articulate in his fourth language. All this at a P. J. Williams Authentic Jersey time when the idea of a successful overseas manager in England was still likely to draw a frown of weary scepticism.
Fast forward 22 years and during the Wenger era Arsenal have spent £750m, won 16 major trophies and fielded 220 players, almost a third of all players to play for Arsenal. In the process the manager has been the key figure in the total transformation of every part of the club, including the creation of a spectacular era-shifting North London stadium that Wenger took to as though it were his own hard-earned kitchen extension.
More than this Wenger has been both a reforming force in British football and a figure that reached out way beyond the remit of his sport. Those first few years in England are notorious to the point of cliche for the infectious cultural changes enacted around a grand old club that had fallen into a state of lager-stained despond by the middle of the 1990s.
These were the Grilled Broccoli Years, when Wenger strode the footballing landscape like our own thin white duke, bringing yoga and vegetables and a focus on a more refined, technical style to his initially sceptical, ultimately devoted squad of players.


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