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Hosting a party in a stately country home is nothing new for the English. It is a tradition carried over from Edwardian times. Recently Discount Tampa Bay Rays Jersey , this tradition has been given a new lease of life. When it comes to throwing a grand party, people in England are increasingly looking towards the country side for the venue.

Why the Country?
The country home occupied a vital place in the social life of an English gentleman for centuries. To get invited into one of these parties was considered to be a matter of great honour for many. House parties in Edwardian times and later used to carry on for days. Hunting parties were often organised in the estates adjoining the homes. In the evenings, ladies and gentlemen gathered to discuss the latest topics of the day, enjoy a card game or two and socialise with their peers in the midst of the opulent furnishings and comfort of the country home.

However, slowly country homes and the events held there fell out of favour. It is only recently that they have made a comeback. In fact, people are increasingly choosing a country home for their parties and events. From weddings to corporate events, people are starting to look for a comfortable venue away from the bustle of the city.

Choosing Huntsham Court
There is a vast array of country homes in Devon and elsewhere in England, each one more spectacular than the last. On the other hand Discount Texas Rangers Jersey , not all of them are suitable for an event. Some places charge a lot, including corkage. Others may not have enough space for a comfortable stay. Huntsham Court stands apart from the rest by offering the perfect package for all kinds of events.

Huntsham Court is the place to choose if you need a venue that impresses your guests from the first glance. This stunning Baroque mansion is massive, capable of accommodating around 80 guests in grand surroundings. With lofty ceilings and tall windows, there is a distinctly majestic feel in and around the home. Each en-suite room is tastefully furnished to match the traditional décor of the home. In spite of the grandeur of the home, Huntsham Court offers excellent facilities and comfort to all guests irrespective of their needs.

With its own licence for hosting weddings and a church in the estate, Huntsham Court has become a popular choice for wedding parties. With facilities like ornate dining rooms for hosting banquets and a Jacobean Great Hall for dances, it is easy to see why this stately home is the preferred choice among Devon wedding venues.

What to Know When Hosting a Party at a Country Home?
Selection of the venue is just one part of hosting a country house party, albeit an important one. Be that as it may Discount Toronto Blue Jays Jersey , it is essential to know a few other things. Several things must be taken into account so as to ensure the event is memorable.

Catering is one of the first aspects of the party that must be accounted for. Venues like Huntsham Court make it easier for the hosts by providing a supplier’s directory. Since they have worked previously at the venue, it becomes easier for the staff to go about their work with the minimum of fuss.

The same applies to the décor and the other staff required for helping out with the venue. Some venues have their own bars but they also allow the hosts to bring their own alcohol. For the latter, the absence of corkage fees will be beneficial.

Huntsham Court goes one step further by offering extra facilities for the entertainment of your guests. Guests can choose from a wide range of activities. For relaxation, they can go for a spa treatment such as a massage. For those who are more action-minded, they can try their hand at fencing or archery. A few other sports are also available such as tennis and croquet.

One of the best things about country houses such as Huntsham Court is the estate that surrounds them. The peaceful natural surroundings add to the cosy nature of a gathering, making it all the more enjoyable.
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