The divination technique comes in at RuneScape

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While the battle of renbridge continues, Jagex Divination has opened RuneScape's first new skill after three years of rest.

RuneScape users can now use divination, which allows players to collect the rest of the energy and memory of the recently deceased god Guthix. Players are harvesting this power to produce unusual consumables, such as miracles and signatures, Deadman Gold,that provide them with a variety of promotions as well as benefits. Using divination, players can also convert low-value resources into small , high-value assets.

There are 99 levels available for players to discover, as well as a new military chess table and a unique set of skills selected by the RuneScape community.

Divination is the 26th skill of RuneScape, which is seamlessly combined with unpublished production skills set later this year.


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