Eliminate cockroaches

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Eliminate cockroaches in the sewers Put two cups of petroleum products in the toilet, sink, and drain holes daily after use. Place sufficient amount of acid in the sink, leave it for a quarter of an hour and then repeat it twice a day. Place sufficient amount of boric acid in the toilet. Sprinkle the amount of water mixed with soap in the sink. How to get rid of cockroaches Put a set of small buttons to paste in many places in the bathroom, such as placing it near the net, and the bottom of the basin, as it hampers the movement of cockroaches, and push them to stick to them. Ventilate the bathroom well by opening the windows most of the time, in order to enter the air and the sun.

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Keep the bathroom dry. Close drain holes in bathtubs and basins, in addition to closing latrines and sinks after each use. Sprinkle the bathroom between the period and the other pesticide, and some toxic substances, such as boric acid to eliminate them and prevent return. Cleaning floor and bathroom tools daily with water mixed with vinegar, and can be replaced with chlorine or detitol.

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