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Q: You were an english-lit major at the University of Tennessee, whats your favourite fiction novel?R. Allen Robinson Jersey .A.: Fiction, oh man its hard to pick a favourite, Ill give you a couple ones that I really like. Ill give you a classic, that I really really enjoyed growing up, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is one I read early on and loved it. Im a big Ernest Hemingway fan, so anything written by him. And recently, more contemporary literature, probably The Power Of One by Bryce Courtenay. And I just, I love reading, so its hard for me to pick a favourite.Q: Another tough one here, if you could have dinner with 3 authors (alive or dead) who would they be?R.A.: Oh man, 3 authors? Ok well, one would be Hemingway, (thinking) one would be Robert Frost and probably another one would be Paul, who wrote a lot books in the Bible. He wrote a lot of the new testament.Q: I couldnt help but notice that you come out to the Game of Thrones theme song. Which character in Game of Thrones would you say best resembles yourself?R.A.: (WARNING: the following answer contains SPOILERS for those who are not through the first season or first book of the Game of Thrones series) You know Im certainly a family Stark proponent. I think you know, I dont want to give anything away, but hes not on the show anymore, but Eddard Stark was kinda my guy. I liked him a lot, I was so sad when he died.(image via HBO)Q: If you had to associate the Blue Jays with one family or group from the series, who would the Blue Jays be?R.A.: Oh man, you know, it might be (thinking), it might be House Targaryen. Kind of on the outskirts a little bit, nobodys really taking them very seriously, but maybe we got some dragons (laughs).Q: If you go online there are a bunch of articles that are titled "RA Dickey: The Most Interesting Man in the World". Youve climbed mt. kilimanjaro, youve authored books. Whats the next non-baseball achievement for you that you want to accomplish?R.A.: Well, apart from just trying to be a full-time dad, which I really enjoy, Ive got four kids, so that takes up the bulk of my time. Especially since I have a major league schedule that keeps me away from home so much, so thats a big deal. But if youre talking from a hobby standpoint, Im thinking about trying to go up another mountain, maybe its base camp at everest or maybe its a peak in South America, or one of the indies or something like that.Q: So if youre the most interesting man on the Blue Jays, who is the 2nd most interesting man?R.A.: (Laughs) Well I dont know if Im the most interesting, I just think I do things that the other guys dont do. But Jose Bautista is a pretty interesting guy and Jose Reyes too. Jose Reyes, a lot of people might not know this, but hes a rapper. Hes put out a few songs, you can YouTube him. So, yeah, Jose Reyes is pretty interesting, but we got a lot of really interesting guys, just a great group of guys.(Warning: This song is NSFW)Q: Baseball players are known to have the best handshakes in sports. Over your career, who is the best handshake creator youve seen?R.A.: Ohhh, I gotta go with Jose Reyes. I played with him in New York on the Mets and I play with him here and hes got a different gyration for every guy. And some of its really creative, so hes my guy.Q: Does it ever get annoying? Are you ever thinking like cmon, lets just high five?R.A.: (Laughs) Ya, well Im kinda one of the older players, so sometimes Im kinda like an old curmudgeon. Im kinda like "Lets gooo, let me just sit down. I dont need to dance around." Q: Youre from Nashville, you gotta be a music guy. Whos the last musical artist or band youve heard that made you say, wow these guys are good?R.A.: Um (thinking), probably Mumford & Sons, I got a hold of them about a year ago for the first time for whatever reason. They have a really unique sound, but you get inundated with such great music in Nashville of every genre. And Im not necessarily a country guy, but Nashville is the country music capital of the world, so I hear great no name guys all the time. Youll just go into a local honkey-tonk somewhere in the city and youll see the next Garth Brooks. Its pretty neat.Q: Last concert you went to that wasnt for your kids?R.A.: Oh man, shoot (thinking). Last concert I went to was probably Natalie Merchant. Can you believe that? (laughs)Q: A couple of years ago, you put in your twitter bio, "ninja in training" can we get a status update on how thats going?R.A.: Oh yeah, if achieving ninjahood is like, lets say a black belt, Im about two belts underneath right now. So, Im making my way up.Q: Favourite place to eat in Toronto?R.A.: Oh man, thats tough. You know, Im a big fan of Gretzkys. Theyve got a great menu, the service is good and its like a museum in there, so Ill pick that. Ive got a lot of places that I really enjoy, but for every day dining, I like Gretzkys.Q: Have you ever gone BarDown?R.A.: Well, Ive only taken about three hockey shots my whole life. And I broke the stick on one of them because I didnt know what I was doing and the stick head flew off. And the other one, (laughing) I think I jammed my arm so hard I didnt want to pick up a hockey stick again. Mind you, I had no schooling. We have the Predators now, but you dont grow up in Nashville playing street hockey. Blake Bortles Youth Jersey . At least 90 players who had college eligibility remaining are expected to enter the draft, shattering last years record number of 73. "Its a humongous number, so the first reaction is it makes you step back a little bit," said NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah, a former scout with the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles. Jaguars T-shirts . - The Oakland Athletics say they are stopping negotiations to extend their lease at the Coliseum. . The Indians scored twice in the top of the ninth, getting the go-ahead run on a wild pitch by closer Matt Lindstrom. Axford (0-1) came in seeking his fifth save in as many chances.Sami and Kasperi Kapanen[Credit: TradingCardDB & Fan Sided]Sami Kapanen was selected 87th overall by the Hartford Whalers in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft. He spent 12 seasons in the NHL between the Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes and the Philadelphia Flyers. He played alongside his son last season with KalPa of the Liiga.NHL Totals – GP: 831 G: 189 A: 269 P: 458Kasperi Kapanen was selected 22nd by the Pittsburgh Penguins in this years Draft. He is known for his creative hands and his passing ability. Kasperi was the top rated European skater heading into the Draft.Liiga Totals – GP: 60 G: 11 A: 7 P: 18Claude and Brendan Lemieux[Credit: TradingCardDB & NHL]Claude Lemieux was selected 26th overall by the Montreal Canadiens in the 1983 NHL Entry Draft. He played 21 seasons in the NHL with six different teams. He is one of only ten players to win the Stanley Cup with three different teams and is a four-time Stanley Cup champion (Montreal, Colorado, New Jersey x2).NHL Totals – GP: 1,215 G: 379 A: 407 P: 786 PIM: 1,777Brendan Lemieux didnt have to wait long on Saturday to hear his name called. The Buffalo Sabres opened up the second round of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft by selecting Brendan 31st overall. OHL Totals – GP: 107 G: 33 A: 34 P: 67 PIM: 197Al and Ryan MacInnis[Credit: TradingCardDB & @ArizonaCoyotes/Twitter]Al MacInnis was selected 15th overall in the 1981 NHL Entry Draft by the Calgary Flames. Known for having the hardest shot in the league, MacInnis terrified opponents for 23 seasons. He spent 13 seasons with the Flames and 10 with the Blues. He won the Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Trophy in 1989, as well as the James Norris Memorial Trophy in 1998-99. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2007. His #2 is retired by the Blues and honoured by the Flames. He is currently the Blues Vice President of Hockey Operations.NHL Totals – GP: 1,416 G: 340 A: 934 P: 1,274 PIM: 1,501Ryan MacInnis went 43rd overall to the Phoenix Coyotes at this years Draft. He was invited to take part in both the 2013 CCM/NHL Top Prospects Game and the 2014 CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game.OHL Totals – GP: 66 G: 16 A: 21 P: 37Ted and Ryan Donato [Credit: TradingCardDB & NHL]Ted Donato was selected 98th overall in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins. He didnt break into the NHL until the 1991-92 season when he played 10 games with the Bruins. He played for eight teams throughout his career and is currently the head coach for the Harvard University hockey team where he has coached since the 2004-05 season.NHL Totals – GP: 796 G: 150 A: 197 P: 347Ryan Donato will start his career the same way his father did, with the Bruins. Ryan was sellected 56th overall by Boston in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, but he is expected to play for Harvard in 2015-16. Malik Jackson Womens Jersey. .United States High School (USHS) Totals – GP: 84 G: 80 A: 94 P: 174[Credit: Donato Family]Pierre and Dominic Turgeon [Credit: TradingCardDB & NHL]Pierre Turgeon is one of three players (Donato and Wesley are the others) taken in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft whose son was drafted in this years Draft. Turgeon went much earlier than his son did, as he was the 1st overall pick in the 87 Draft. He spent 19 seasons in the NHL between the Sabres, Islanders, Canadiens, Blues, Stars and Avalanche. He was a five-time All-Star and won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy in 1993.NHL Totals – GP: 1,294 G: 515 A: 812 P: 1,327Dominic Turgeon was selected 63rd overall by the Red Wings. Detroit knew who they wanted, trading their 76th overall pick and a 3rd round pick in next years Draft to Columbus in order to move up to 63rd. He is known for his setup ability and his aggressiveness in the face-off dot.WHL Totals – GP: 120 G: 13 A: 26 P: 39Glen and Josh Wesley[Credit: TradingCardDB & @NHLCanes/Twitter]Glen Wesley was the 3rd overall selection in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft. He spent 20 seasons in the NHL with the Bruins, Whalers, Hurricanes and Maple Leafs. He was named the Western Conference Defenceman of the Year consecutive years from 1985-87. He won the Stanley Cup with Carolina in 2006 and had his #2 retired by the Hurricanes in 2009. He is currently the Hurricanes director of development for defensemen.NHL Totals – GP: 1,457 G: 128 A: 409 P: 537 PIM: 1,045Josh Wesley was the first player in this years Draft who was drafted by his hometown team. He was selected 96th overall by the Hurricanes, a team he spent a lot of time around as a little kid.OHL Totals – GP: 68 G: 2 A: 7 P: 9 PIM: 62Were sure Hurricanes fans and Josh are hoping for another photo like this sooner than later.[Credit: Josh Wesley]Donald and Daniel Audette [Credit: TradingCardDB & NHL]Donald Audette played 14 seasons in the NHL. He was selected 183rd overall in the 1989 NHL Entry Draft by the Buffalo Sabres. He split his career with the Sabres, Kings, Thrashers, Stars, Canadiens and Panthers. He was a one-time All-Star. NHL Totals – GP: 735 G: 260 A: 249 P: 509 PIM: 584Daniel Audette was selected earlier than his father. He went 147th overall to the Montreal Canadiens. Daniel was the first pick of the 2012 QMJHL Draft and is heading to a team that he is a little familiar with since his father spent his time with the Canadiens near the end of his career.QMJHL Totals – GP: 122 G: 31 A: 74 P: 105 PIM: 144[Credit: All Habs]No pressure, guys. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '


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