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I know I'm a little late for this. Thomas Sabo launched their thomas sabo ring rea. Like what my 'about me' section hints, I have been an avid fan of the beads ever since I got my first bead on the last day of 2014 and have been expanding my collection from time to time when I've got the cash to do so. So what I'm going to do is give an insight as detailed as possible on what to expect of this collection from my personal experience and hopefully help some people decide whether this is really the collection for them. I will talk about the pros and cons of this collection and the types of beads I recommend if you're a guy interested in collecting, though you should note that this recommendation is purely based on my taste alone and you may follow your own to your heart's content.

The thomas sabo charms 2017 collection is crafted around the idea that the collection is a "celebration of all things beautiful in life" -as quoted by Thomas Sabo himself. Each bead serves as a representation of a value, feeling, moment or event in life that correlates to its unique design and tells a story about its wearer (unless of course, you just buy 'em coz you like 'em). The bead karma takes the centrepiece of this collection and is the focal bead that unites all the other beads with one another. It is said to 'concentrate energies such as optimism and cheerfulness'. This is in my opinion, the must-have bead in the collection, though it may not be the fanciest, but as I said, it does unite the themes of other beads together.

The thomas sabo armband collection ranges from simplistic smooth spherical gemstones like the bead lapis lazuli to very intricately designed beads that you'd admire up close with tactile feels to some of them like the bead kathmandu. They also come in various colours and materials. Some beads are also in-laid with cubic zirconia like the bead black fish and then there are those painted on with enamel like the bead wonderful world.

The thomas sabo rea that absolutely intrigues me about these Karma beads is that no matter how delicate or expressive the design of a bead can go, they all adhere to a certain rule that makes them perfectly spherical and that all the creativity is contained in that sphere. This example can be seen in the bead black starfish and the bead wave, both being expressive beads that without actually seeing it for yourself, you'd assume the bead starfish was shaped like a star and the bead wave was shaped like well, a wave. Both of these obey the law I stated above perfectly. Of course there are a few exceptions such as the bead dragon and bead skull that adds variation to a creation but is kept at a minimal in which I find comforting.

The materials incorporated by the thomas sabo smycken rea usually comprises of silver and gemstones. 925 sterling silver seems to be the most common metal used in the crafting of these beads. Occasionally, the silver pieces are plated with 18 K rose gold, 18K yellow gold or are blackened to give depth to the beads. Note that the this is solely plating and the material is not made up entirely of rose gold for example. There are pros and cons to this as some people prefer pure gold instead of silver plated with gold but on the other hand the plating makes them more affordable. A synthetic diamond known as cubic zirconia is also used to create the pave pieces and various other pieces inlaid with gemstones which comes in various different colours.


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