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Just like other ore dressing machines, Sand Making Machine need to be provided extra awareness to upkeep when isn't in use for lengthy time. Hereby, we introduce you an financial technique, that's dilute hydrochloric acid. However, you should be care that rust matters must not immersion way too prolonged, or even the metal will choose chemistry response. Along with other strategies, these types of as ash propel and shot blast can also be obtainable. Then I'll introduce you similar info in aspects.

At the outset, chemistry technique, as its title, will make usage of chemistry reaction to remove rust. We typical say it acid dipping, and it might only done in workshop.

A different approach is shot blast cleansing. Shot-blasting abrasives and sharpening tends to make usage of high-speed rotating impeller throwing grinding materials for the metal surface area, to be able to achieve the purpose of rust removing. It is a more advanced metal rust strategy for sand earning machine cleaning processing. It's not only large effectiveness, but will also low price, higher degree of automation, and it is capable to apply assembling procedure, less environmental pollution, however it only obtainable for indoor procedure.

Peening rust, an outdated sort of cleaning approach, mainly use particles blast erosion consequences posed to reach the suitable roughness with the area and cleansing. The relative devices includes open shot (sand) derusting equipment obturation shot peening (sand), vacuum shot blasting (sand). Open up blasting (sand) is used far more widely, supplying extra comprehensive thoroughly clean all impurities of metallic surfaces, this kind of as oxidation, rust and aged paint, rust removing effectiveness is as higher as 4~5㎡/h, large mechanical diploma, superior effect. But the abrasive usually cannot be recycled, and it's an influence on other work, has issues in cleaning up the get the job done site. The environmental air pollution is much more significant, recently, it progressively been constraints in use.

Little pneumatic or electric system is another rust removing way. It predominantly requires electricity or compressed air as electricity, assembling suitable blasting gadget. After which you can it does oscillating motion or rotation to fit different rust removal instances. The products are corner polished machine, wire brush, wind dynamic needle beam rust removing product, wind dynamic knock rust hammer, tooth type rotating rust removal gadget, they're belonging to half mechanized gadget, resources are gentle, and huge mobility. So, in this manner can additional extensively take out rust, and aged coating. It may do roughness removal approach to application layer. The efficiency is bigger than handbook rust removal, could be up to 1~2㎡/h, but are unable to drop oxidation skin.

All in all, the 4 approaches we offer you for sand earning plant routine maintenance and rust elimination. In point of fact living, there are actually some techniques are practical for our everyday life. Mining Equipment include several other equipment, the major items are sand maker, vibrating display screen, vibrating feeder and the like.


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