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In the heat of the moment Jahlil Okafor 76ers Jersey , a man tends to let his inhibitions vanish – and he might also let a little common sense vanish, too. That’s why so many men reach for lubricants that aren’t advisable to use on their delicate member skin. Even if they know a particular lubricating agent is not a good idea, they might not really think about the consequences until after the release they wanted so badly is finally achieved. Then they often look at what they have done and wonder just how much good manhood care it will take to overcome that ‘oops.’

Lubricants a man should always avoid

When a man is ready and raring to go, it might not take much to make him reach for something that is definitely inadvisable to use as a lubricant. Here are a few of the most common culprits – and yes, some of them seem quite odd!

1. Shampoo or conditioner. Rare is the man who hasn’t reached for one of these so-called lubricants when feeling frisky in the shower. The good news is that most formulations are moisturizing, so a guy has little to worry about – right? Wrong. Shampoo and conditioners can dry out the skin very quickly Isaiah Canaan 76ers Jersey , leaving a man feeling quite irritated by the time he hops out of the shower.

2. Soap. Just as with shampoo or conditioner, soap has drying qualities. Even that ultra-moisture bar can leave skin feeling rough and dry when the shower is over. Besides that, a little lather doesn’t go a long way – instead, it must be replenished often, which can easily ruin the mood.

3. Sunscreen. Some sunscreens are creamy, much like lotion – so why not? If it’s the only thing handy Hollis Thompson 76ers Jersey , that is. But remember that sunscreens contain quite a few chemicals, the better to prevent those harmful rays from causing damage to the skin. Those chemicals were never meant to be used on the most sensitive areas. It’s safe to say a dry, peeling member will result.

4. Muscle ointments. If a little tingle is nice, a lot must be better, right? Many a man has told the harrowing tale of grabbing his muscle rub and using it on his member, only to find that the burning Henry Sims 76ers Jersey , stinging sensation isn’t nearly as delightful when it’s used on the more sensitive skin. Men who try this tend to try it only once.

5. Shaving cream. Though shaving cream won’t hurt the member (as many a manscaper can attest), using it as a lubricant for some self-pleasuring action can lead to unintended consequences. In addition to the possibly dry member issue, a man might experience irritation, pain in the urethra, and serious redness.

6. Shortening or oil. Getting frisky in the kitchen? While food play can certainly have its merits, using shortening and the like to self-fondle is simply asking for a mess of trouble. It’s not necessarily going to hurt the member if it is used from time to time Gerald Henderson 76ers Jersey , but the mess it leaves behind – and how thoroughly a man must clean his member to remove it – could easily lead to the irritation he doesn’t want.

7. Some lotions. Many a man who wants to get it on solo will reach for the lotion on the bedside table. Some lotions are just fine for this purpose. Others, however, contain a plethora of ingredients a man doesn’t want anywhere near his member. Pay attention to labels and search for a lotion that has more natural ingredients if the idea is to use it as a lubricant.

A man who has gotten a little too frisky with questionable lubricants might have some damage to remedy. In that case, a powerful male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can ensure his member stays as healthy as possible. The use of healing vitamins and nutrients in a Shea butter base can help soothe, ease and protect the member that has met with an unfortunate lubricant situation.
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