A few suggestions about Journey of Exile

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1) Cutscene for game play is nice Path Of Exile items for sale tale telling

e. gary the gadget guy. a cinematic display screen you kill Peity in Lunaris...

-- When you first open the actual Labyrinth

Something like which.

2) Search entire inventory

for example: whenever you search "Life", Way of Exile products in cheap poe items current bill is lightup, techniques the inventory case, tab which has non-e will blackout

3) Merge inventory tab algorithm:

a. Push merge function switch

b. Choose a couple of tabs

c. Shift item

c1. choose 1st item within tab 1

c2. Check if can place into tab only two

c3. insert in to tab 2

m. repeat step d until all thing in tab a single is checked

4) 1 button, recover almost all cosmetics or a desk of current area of cosmetics or even when you apply beauty, the item in MTX inventory wont vanish but when you use it once again, it will remove through oldest applied piece

5) Pets arbitrarily moving around you, not only stay at one particular place

6) Transform from (Remove Only) tab to normal loss when there is one totally free tab or just the actual damn merging functionality

I think that would assist a lot?

What do a person guys think?


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