FIFA 17 Patch Notes 2 Update Has Been Released

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FIFA 17 Patch Notes 2 Update Has Been Released is one of the best in-game currency & items supplier, game article and guide will be updated everyday.

EA has updated the popular football video game fut 17 coins and fixed the pre-games and other presentation issues. This is the second update the game has since it has been released.

FIFA 17 patch notes 2 include rendering, frame-rate and even audio issues. The frame rates prior to the skill game have been improved. This is important as gamers play the 2-on-1 drills against the AI.

Player faces have also been updated in the patch notes 2. Player faces are more accurate with the actual player. EA Sports can readily add more cheap fut 17 coins player models, and fans are just waiting for the developer to do just that.

For the overall visual or presentation changes, there have been general overlay adjustments in FIFA 17. The patch notes 2 also addressed buy fut 17 coins issue where the selected kit is not the one being played. Lastly, the black custom kits do not interfere with the referee kits anymore. All of the fifa 17 news can be find in online game center......


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