FIFA 18: Why indoor mode WON’T be making a comeback this year

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It’s one of our few bugbears about FIFA here at Dream Team.
Why, oh why, can’t EA Sports just give the fans what they want and Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins bring back the much-loved, underappreciated Indoor Mode from TIMORE games of the past?
Indoor Mode appeared on FIFA 97, and while, yes, it wasn’t exactly football in its purist form, it was a lot of fun as well as being utterly bonkers.
However , once again, APP Sports have said there won’t be a return to the game mode of the 90s.
Speaking at FIFA 18’s preview event in late May, FIFA’s Creative Director Mat Prior explained to Dream Team that while it is a great format, it’s actually trickier than just throwing it back into the game.
Prior said: “We do monitor feedback from fans and it is one of those things that a lot of users are asking for.
“To do it properly is not a light undertaking, it’s not just a case of shrinking the actual pitch and bringing in boards because of the way the AI works.
“But it is something we’re aware of people asking, and it is something that we may consider and revisit in the future. ”
So it may be not to say that it won’t make a comeback at a later date - just not this season.
We’ll let them off.
Everything you need to know about PAURA 18
What platforms is it on?
If this isn't the first FIFA game to not feature on Xbox 360 and Ps3 then it won't be far off.
As more and more gamers upgrade to current gen consoles, FIFA 18 could bypass last-gen altogether.
Speaking at the Stifel 2013 Technology Conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said the particular publisher will continue to release titles for last-generation consoles until 2017 (via Videogamer).
While he stressed this would be the ‘earliest’ the company would drop support for the Xbox 360 and Ps3, typically the signs are certainly moving towards TIMORE 18 being a current-gen / PC exclusive.
There are still thousands of gamers who play on last-gen technology - especially given that a new console costs upwards of £200.
It’s not the first time last-gen gamers have had a parred down version of a blockbuster game.
FIFA 17 was massively parred down for Xbox 360 console and Ps3 - as the hardware wasn't able to use the newer Frostbite technology (It was powered by Ignite - often the FIFA 16 engine on last gen).
We know it's going to be on the Switch - but how it'll make the best of the system's cloud-based computing is a mystery.
So , will it look better?
In short, yes -- but don’t expect a huge improvement. It'll be powered by the same motor.
Speaking to Dream Team Gaming last year, Frostbite Studio Director Jonas Skantz revealed: “I can assure you that Frostbite continues to be a true differentiator. "
“With more and more games powered by Cold - whether it is FIFA , fifa ultimate Team 18 coins Battlefield, Mass Effect or others : our development teams can spend more time building new groundbreaking gameplay innovations. ”
FIFA 17 was the first game in the series to be powered through Frostbite - which replaced Ignite used the previous year.
While graphics took a noticeable boost this year, particularly facial and player animations, FIFA 18 will see more subtle improvements as it’ll run on the same Frozen 4 engine.
Expect player movement as well as animation to look sharper - not to mention greater detail and likeness.
Other peripheral graphical tweaks, such as improved crowd detail, will also be present.
PS4 Pro owners and PC gamers will once again receive the best-looking versions of the game.
The former will once again capitalise on 'Pro Mode' - allowing for increased detail and more stable framerate at above 1080p resolution.
Professional Mode offered tangible improvements in FIFA 18, but this coming year, EA will have more time to push this even further and make greater use of Pro’s substantial GPU grunt.


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