The first player to beat Old School Runescape's Inferno gets a real-life cape

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Players will find the Inferno in the depths of the volcanic city, Mor Ul Rek. You’ll fight through waves of increasingly tough monsters and challenges, until you finally win the right to face the final boss, TzKal-Zuk.

If you defeat him, your reward is the Infernal Cape, the new best-in-slot melee cape. If you’re the first person to obtain it, you’ll get a real life version, and an all expenses paid trip to annual community festival RuneFest.

“Every piece of content that goes into Old School RuneScape is voted on by the players, ” says senior product manager Mathew Kemp. “Back in March we polled the Inferno to our loyal player base, RS 3 Gold,and they clearly were not afraid of a challenge, with 84% deciding they wanted to have it as part of our game. Our goal for this content is to make even the veterans associated with Old School RuneScape quake with fear. ”


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