With Fossil Island OSRS on the horizon, finally we can unravel its mystery little by little with more details revealed.

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Today we mainly focus on studying its Underwater areas and Cheap RS 2007 Gold Mushroom Forest. What’s more, you should buy RuneScape 2007 gold enough before its coming.

How can you solve the problems of O2 deficiency in the underwater areas of Fossil Island?

When you are in the underwater places, the oxygen is your top concern, and the following notes should be kept in mind.

1 . With the unique air mechanic, use the diving apparatus to access the underwater environment.

2 . An oxygen meter appears to reflect the supply of oxygen with the beginning of 100% when underwater.

3. Wear fishbowl helmet to avoid the oxygen from decreasing.

4. Manage the oxygen carefully without fishbowl helmet when accessing mermaid areas, for the most regions of underwater belong to the mermaids and they don’t like fishbowls.

5. Restore your oxygen level by various methods, including moving your character into the large bubbles, growing weeds, catching puffer fish, or looking for the areas above water.

6. Return to the surface of the island above the underwater area when running out of the Buy RS 2007 Gold actual oxygen with the bar reaching 0%.

What can you do underwater?

Along with 47 Fishing and 44 Hunter, you can begin your underwater fishing activity and be rewarded both skills XP. Besides, you can do free-form agility training, consisting of obstacles to navigate, and chests as well as clams to loot. What’s more, you can train thieving by stealing various riches through treasure chests and large clams.

What can you do in the Mushroom Woodland?

On one of the most striking environments - Mushroom Forest, you can teach your Prayer by adding pyrophosphate and calcite. You can also construct bird house traps and do tracking activities with bright pink paw prints.

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