Geforce GTX 1080 Founders Edition is a hungry power video card

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Nvidia says that the founders of this edition is the replacement name of the reference version. Alesan Nvidia renamed founders Edition is so that this type becomes exclusive. The price founders edition is more expensive than non founders edition is also in because Nvidia wants to make sure the version of Founders Edition is continuously in production until the end of GTX 1080 cycle. Price is also expensive because of the heatsink material and also his body using high quality materials.

GTX 1080 series reference alias Founders Edition is also featured with the latest style of Nvidia, since GTX 780 appeared, the reference version of its form is always like this. Now Nvidia comes with a more elegant look again, Nvidia also add a low profile backplate to cover the back of his PCB. Cooling system from VGA card is still using the system blower style, just for this time Nvidia ngebikin cooler is more cool and more silent than usual.

TDP 180W is one proof if the GTX 1080 is a VGA card that has excellent power efficiency for us. To use this VGA card, 500W power supply is enough to accommodate the GTX 1080. And at this time, Nvidia only gives 1 × 8 pins for its power connector, unlike its predecessor 980 which has 2x6pin.

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For its display output, Nvidia still has not changed its previous style. The difference is only on the display version of its port aja. Display port 1.4 is in use GTX 1080 is capable of running 4K resolution at 120Hz refresh rate, and for the above resolution 4K is 60Hz.

We all must have the same as if the architect of GTX 1080 is pascal. And for GTX 1080 is given the name of GP104 for its GPU name. This VGA card uses the latest type of memory that is GDDR5X, where its GDDR5X has clockspeed of 10Gbps, unlike 980 and 980 Ti which has 7Gbps memory clock. It has 2560 CUDA cores, slightly smaller if we its to 980 Ti and Titan X.


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