General Nitrogen Machine mainly by the following three parts

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General Nitrogen Machine mainly by the following three parts, in the selection of the above should be particularly careful, because the choice will inadvertently affect the purity of nitrogen and nitrogen life;
In order to prevent excessive noise generated by inhalation and discharge of air, the muffler should be installed in the following locations: ① Air compressor suction pipe; ② Adsorption dryer Regenerative exhaust pipe (usually dry (3) heating and regeneration adsorption dryer Roots blower entrance (usually by the dryer group configuration); ④ other vent tube. Muffler in the form of specifications should be compatible with its installation location, suction or displacement. Muffler installation location to facilitate support.
In the case of
Air compressor: the choice of air compressor in addition to determine the host model and the number of units, but also should be clearly supporting the auxiliary equipment and accessories, pipes, pipe valves, control instruments, electrical equipment supply range. Air compressor noise should be consistent with the national standard "industrial enterprise noise control design specifications" (GBJ87-85) requirements. For excessive noise of the screw air compressor, should take effective control measures to avoid noise pollution.
In the case of
Air filter: In order to prevent debris and a lot of dust into the air compressor, in its suction pipe should be set on the air filter (air compressor unit has been set up with filters except). The filter area should be compatible with the air compressor displacement, in order to facilitate the inspection of air filter dust accumulation, should be set to measure the differential pressure of the instrument. Nitrogen Gas Generator equipment accessories Air filter should be installed in a place to facilitate inspection and maintenance, if necessary, need to set up platforms and escalators.


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