Gibson is a starter-quality player getting lower-end starter money

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Nene Grade: A-Jodie MeeksDeal: Signs with Washington, two years, $7 millionOther notes: N/AThis is all about the injuries for Meeks. When he’s on the floor, he’s a high-level shooter who can knock down 40 percent of his 3-point attempts as well as attack closeouts and NBA Live Mobile Coins create offense. He’s a capable bench option for nearly any team in the league. The problem has been health. Meeks has only played 39 games in the last two years combined due to Buy NBA Live Coins multiple surgeries on his right foot, as well as right thumb surgery. If he’s right, he’ll be a useful player on a Wizards team that needs some offensive punch off the bench.

He’ll also be a nice floor spacer to play with John Wall when Bradley Beal sits. If he’s not healthy, this will be wasted money. It’s really that simple, and it’s difficult to judge which he’ll be. Meeks Grade: B-Taj GibsonDeal: Signs with Minnesota, two years, $28 millionOther notes: No optionsThis has been a possibility since Tom Thibodeau took over in Minnesota last summer. Gibson is one of his favorite players from their time together in Chicago, and the team has a significant need in the frontcourt for a defensive-minded power forward who can play next to Karl-Anthony Towns.

Overall, this is a reasonable salary on a short-term deal that happens to expire at the same time as Jimmy Butler’s contract (and potentially Jeff Teague’s, depending on his player option decision). Gibson is a starter-quality player getting lower-end starter money, and that’s exactly the role he’ll play. It’s worth noting that they’re paying for his age 32 and 33 seasons, but Gibson has yet to show any drop-off from his career-long level. He’s also going to a place he’ll be comfortable, which should help with the transition period many free agents go through.

This signing also represents that Thibodeau is almost certainly going to continue playing big in Minnesota as opposed to embracing the merits of small ball sweeping across the NBA. Barring another leap from Cheap NBA Live Coins Andrew Wiggins as a shooter, this team is still going to struggle to space floor in crunch time. In that vein, they’re going to need to find a way to create efficient offense beyond just isolating Jimmy Butler or Wiggins.But they’re going to be huge, physical, mean and tough on defense. That’s a Thibs team to the core, and it’s going to be a fascinating experiment to see if a team like this can still succeed in the modern NBA.


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