Goal Setting Mistakes in Five Minutes or Less

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12 Goal Setting Mistakes in Five Minutes or Less

Goal Setting involves establishing specific, measurable and time targeted objectives. On a personal level, setting goals is a process that allows people to specify then work towards their cheap jordans for sale own objectives which range from financial or career based goals to personal development goals. When setting goals, there are a series of jordans for cheap 12 mistakes commonly made that can hinder the goal setting process:While it may be comforting to set small, easily achievable goals instead of jordans ono fmars big audacious ones, this will work against you in the end. This is because setting large, seemingly impossible goals spurs your mind to think differently.Mistake 2: Not having a clear timeframe or deadlineDeadlines are a great way to focus the mind cheap jordans online and force yourself to make things happen.Mistake 3: Not defining a clear measurement for achieving your goalIf you don measure cheap nike air max 90 how well you progressing toward your goal, you may never know how well you doing.Mistake 4: Not defining your Compelling Reasons for wanting to achieve your goalA common mistakes people make when forming their goals is to never ask themselves why they really want to cheap air jordans achieve it. This is vital, because once you put your subconscious motivations into words, it often sheds new light onto which cheap jordans forsale approaches are best for jordans for cheap achieving it.Mistake 5: Not defining the Benefits You Expect to GainMistake 6: Not defining the Consequences of Not Achieving Your GoalIn addition to making a list of the good things you get from achieving your goals, also write down a list of the jordan 14 bad things you cheap jordans for men envision if you never achieve it.Mistake 7: Not pre defining the Obstacles to Achieving Your GoalObstacles are unavoidable. If there aren any obstacles goedkope nike air max to reaching your goal, it probably not a goal worth having. But you can get around these obstacles if you plan for them in advance.Mistake 8: Not enough focus on the Solutions to Overcoming cheap jordan shoes Your ObstaclesIf you have defined the possible obstacles to your goal, your cheap jordans mind will suddenly perceive solutions where none existed before.Mistake 9: Trying to do it all aloneMost goals we have are social goals that involve other people. Call upon family, friends, professionals, and anyone you think can help you reach your goal.Mistake 10: Not setting clear milestones on your path to successBreak up large goals into a series of milestones. Otherwise, you nike air max 90 may have cheap jordans online problems assessing your goal, determining your progress, and taking corrective action.Mistake 11: Not sharing your goal widelyIf you keep your goal to yourself, then you only got one person motivating and cheering you cheap jordan shoes on to victory.Mistake 12: Not visualizing with clarity what Your Goal will Look Like, Feel Like, and Sound LikeYou will find that visualizing success as vividly as you can is a vital step to achieving and exceeding your biggest goals.


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