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Prafulla Dahanukar is one of the senior most woman artists of India with her career spanning more than fifty three years. Working from abstract landscapes Jesse Gonzalez World Cup Jersey , Prafulla began to work on repetitive forms, as she explored rendering subtle changes of the shades in color. Over the last decade Gyasi Zardes World Cup Jersey , her heavy textural strokes have given way to more expressive transitions of color on her canvases. She has evolved her own distinctive style of painting.

She has explored the concept of permanence. And she finally came to the truth that it is Space and only Space that is permanent and timeless. Everything else has a life cycle. She used her mastery of colors and shades to create depth in her paintings to bring out the essence of peaceful space. There is no threat to the existence of space and therefore it has the essential ingredient of peace and tranquility.

I would like the reader to look at her art. While there are many sites like flickr, Webshots and Wikimedia Commons which display her paintings Graham Zusi World Cup Jersey , the easiest would be to download her painting photo book from the link given below.

Now that you have seen her paintings, we can discuss her work more meaningfully. First of all you can observe that in each of her paintings there is one dominant color. The painting may be predominantly red Geoff Cameron World Cup Jersey , or green or blue or yellow or white. The other color is generally dark brown with light dominating the painting. The second character of the painting is that you can visually see horizontal bands or lines in the painting.

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