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TOKYO Jason Hammel Jersey , Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) has been involved in refueling U.S. warships in the Sea of Japan under new controversial security laws that came into effect last year, defense ministry sources said Thursday.

According to Kyodo News, a government source confirmed that MSDF supply ships conducted multiple refueling missions since April to U.S. Aegis ships in the Sea of Japan, marking the second time Japan's MSDF has carried out expanded operations under the new security laws.

In May, the defense ministry said a Japanese destroyer escorted a U.S. naval vessel Ian Kennedy Jersey , marking the first time that such a mission had been carried out under the new legislation.

The new security legislation allows more flexibility to the MSDF to provide supplies including oil to U.S. warships conducting operations in the region.

The legislation also applies to Japan's wider Self-Defense Force (SDF) as part of the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to broaden Japan's international military footprint.

The security legislation and the government's moves to bolster the SDF's presence on a global stage, has been widely criticized home and abroad for running contrary to Japan's postwar commitment to pacifism and the constitution that ensures it.

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HOUSTON, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- The state and local health departments of Texas in south U.S. will launch an aerial attack against mosquitoes on Thursday evening.

According to a press release by the Harris County Public Health (HCPH) on Wednesday George Brett Jersey , northern and southern swaths of Harris County, where Houston is located, will be sprayed beginning Thursday evening as part of an effort to control mosquitoes in the aftermath of flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

The rain left behind by Hurricane Harvey has created large areas in Harris County where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

To address increasing numbers of mosquitoes and the risk they pose to the recovery effort and public health, a U.S. Air Force Reserve stationed in San Antonio, about 320 km west of Houston Frank White Jersey , will fly C-130 cargo planes to conduct the aerial spray operation, and it may take more than one day.

The operation will focus on large swaths of northern and southern Harris County where rapid development in the past 30 years replaced vast grasslands with suburban lawns that can provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

According to the press release, the insecticide, Dibrom (EPA-approved), is routinely used for aerial spray operations to combat mosquito-borne disease and will be used during the spray operation in Harris County. Dibrom is considered safe for the environment and is applied by licensed applicators.

For residents concerned about exposure during the aerial spray operation Eric Hosmer Jersey , HCPH recommends individuals stay indoors during the evening aerial application in the treated areas as a precaution.

China, Brunei to boost ties

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