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The Era of Vintage Jewelry

Author: simon

Vintage jewelry alias Estate jewelry is becoming quiet popular in west and especially in U S. vintage jewelry comes in wide range; this may range from the cheapest or most inexpensive to the most costly. In spite of Mario Gaspar Spain Jersey , heavy and expensive prices, there’s no dearth of enthusiastic, who enjoy collecting antique jewelry.

The period of Vintage jewelry includes many eras and decades. Vintage jewelry includes such decades. Each era is known for its special characteristics, styles and designs. Early Victorian, late Victorian Marc Bartra Spain Jersey , Mid-Victorian, Art Nouveau, Georgian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco Lucas Vazquez Spain Jersey , Retro and Edwardian are all such eras or periods.

Early Victorian ( 1837-1850) : this era was mostly nature – inspired style and designs. These were etched delicately and intricately into gold. Everyday jewelry included lockets and brooches whereas, evening jewelry compromised diamonds and colored gemstone.

Mid-Victorian ( 1860-1880): also known as Grand era. This era mainly had grave and solemn design following the demise of Queen Victoria’s husband. These mourning jewelry features dark and heavy stones. Jet, amethyst, garnet and onyx are common to this period. Creative and much more colorful designs featuring mosaics, shells and colorful gemstones were also born in this period.

Late Victorian (1885-1990): Aesthetic period saw the use of diamonds and more bright and feminine gemstone like Koke Spain Jersey , peridot, sapphire and spinel. Among the most popular were the crescent and star designs besides elaborate and beautiful hat pins.

Arts and Crafts jewelry (1894-1923 ): Mainly simple in design and pattern, colorful and uncut stones was the theme of this period. This era faced the rebel to return to intricate and delicate jewelry designs and handmade crafts, due to the arrival of Industrial Revolution.

Retro jewelry (1940s ): Jewelry of this era is mainly bold, colorful and elaborate. This was inspired mainly from Hollywood. Bracelets Juanfran Spain Jersey , cocktail rings, necklaces, watches and charm bracelet are common to this era.

One may find collection ranging from exceptional and rare fine jewelry, earrings, engagement rings and estate diamonds. Also included are classical sapphires Juan Mata Spain Jersey , garnets, emeralds and fine and glittering gems and stones.

Antique and vintage jewelry is available for women, men and children. Featuring wide variety of articles and items and sometime even contemporary.

Article Source: http:www.articlesbaseantiques-articlesthe-era-of-vintage-jewelry-532273

About the Author:
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