home cleaning the carpets

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home cleaning the carpets

The housewife is keen to take care of the elegance and cleanness of the house. It reflects the cleanliness, cleanliness and environment of the house. This requires regular cleaning of all its parts such as guest rooms, dining, sleeping and other benefits such as kitchen and out-door cleaning.

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Which achieve the cleanliness of the house and its arrangement, and this course reflects on the psyche of its inhabitants and attracts guests and relaxes and encourages them to repeat the visit.

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Perhaps the most difficult tasks for women in the house are carpet cleaning, because it needs special care and accurate because of the difficulty of dealing with the lint covered, and is frequently exposed to the accumulation of dust and dirt between the folds and color change and touch the outside, and here must be taken care of home To keep the look of it for years without damage, especially if it is expensive, so we list the following tips that may help to clean the carpet and keep it in steady colors and shiny:

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How to clean carpets home cleaning the carpets
of the rooms of the house all electric and suction Gba T and small pieces scattered on its surface, especially in children's rooms and living, because they are most susceptible to dirt.

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Wipe the carpet with a piece of soft sponge, immersed in a little water mixed with vinegar, to maintain its luster and shine, repeating the process at least three times a week. Keep away from cleaning the carpet with cloth or coarse brush so as not to damage the lint, and cut off its fine threads.
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Avoid frequent washing of the carpet, such as washing it weekly. This is detrimental to color and texture, so it is best to wash it twice a year only with a soft brush, clear powder or washing. Remove the stains immediately after falling on the carpet, and not delayed for hours or days, so as not to be difficult to remove, especially if the stains stubborn and difficult.
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