How to Clean the Refrigerator

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How to Clean the Refrigerator

Open the refrigerator and remove all food and food before cleaning it thoroughly and thoroughly. Remove shelves and drawers gently, lest the refrigerator be damaged inside or outside. Leave the fridge for an open period of time to ventilate. Bring a deep bowl with boiled water, dishwashing liquid and a little chlorine in addition to a clear fiber. Start the refrigerator in all aspects, such as the door from the outside and inside and internal parts and others. Bring a dry piece of cloth especially those pieces that do not leave traces of lint stuck in the refrigerator, and dry the refrigerator well.

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Leave the fridge open after drying and drying for a period of time until you get rid of smells and bacteria completely. General Tips Take a daily look at the refrigerator to make sure the stains are cleaned before they dry up and becomes very hard to remove. Examine expired materials and rotting foods as well as get rid of substances that produce smelly and irritating odor.

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Leave a can of baking soda inside the refrigerator, as this material has proved its efficiency in absorbing unpleasant odors. It is possible to place a bowl with a few pieces of coal, as coal pulls substances and odors unpleasant. It is important to note that the use of high-concentration bleaching or chemical substances may harm human health if they reach their food because they interact and leave negative effects. It is preferable to follow simple steps and use regular kitchen cleaners, which are cleaned efficiently at the same time. So as not to hurt hands do not hurt cracks or wounds or drought and other effects of chemicals.شركة-تنظيف-بالرياض-رخيصة/شركة-تنظيف-بالمدينة-المنورة/شركة-تنظيف-بالدمام/شركة-تنظيف-بالاحساء/طرق-تنظيف-البلاط-من-البقع/


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