Hydraulic Bottle Jack can quickly release the piston pressure

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Traditionally, the automotive industry has used hydraulic Bottle Jack cranes to lift vehicles and upgrade heavy machinery in the field of machinery. Bottles and other hydraulic lifting tools are very different from scissors jacks that are usually used with today's cars. The oil is pumped into the cylinder chamber, and when the plunger is pushed up and down, the pressure is created in the piston, eventually lifting the weight.

Often known as a whiskey jack usually has a certain lifting capacity, usually between five tons and five tons. There is a capacity of up to 50 tons of bottle jacks, usually used for industrial applications. For example, a large-capacity bottle outlet (also known as a barrel receptacle) is used to lift the house from the foundation.

The hydraulic bottle jack has a vertically aligned single piston, bottle, when the oil is pumped into the system through the manual plunger, the pressure is replaced and the bearing pad moves vertically. Typically, high-capacity bottle jacks and high-end models are mechanically powered. Other differences include: as a single piston system, when fully engaged, the lift is just twice its weight. Therefore, whiskey jacks are usually used to raise objects with high clearance. Compared with other jack types, caps are more commonly used for short distance lifts. Due to height restrictions, they are not suitable for very high elevators. The oil is manually pressurized in the piston by manual pump or mechanical. On the other hand, the floor socket uses a foot pump to apply pressure inside the system.

Typically, the Hydraulic Bottle Jack is user-friendly and requires only a few steps to use the jack. For the starter, the user will be disengaged from the hydraulic cylinder and counterclockwise. Then you will need to release the pressure in the device. Typically, the valve located near the bottom of the jack needs to be rotated until the pressure is released and the jack is in the locked position. Once the valve is unlocked, the pad is released. When using the jack to complete the work, can quickly release the piston pressure. To do this, you can remove the handle and use it to slowly rotate the bottom of the cylinder.


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