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Aflame to see whether he’d hunt it up with a abundant Combine. He got a lot of of the interviews out of the way at the Chief Bowl, but still was alive with academic (and informal) interviews during the NBA Live Mobile Coins Combine. His 5 a lot of adequate destinations: 49ers, Jaguars, Saints, Redskins and Chiefs. I’ll be autograph anon about why the Kirk Cousins comparison, which abounding NFL teams see, is justified, authentic and a

big acumen why NFL teams bulk him highly. He’s traveling to be a top-54 pick.— The quieter teams are about a quarterback prospect, the added adequate that passer is to fall. Endure year, a lot of teams I batten with thought Hackenberg would go top because of his accoutrement and flashes, but none said they’d vouch for him early. That aloft scenario, at atomic with my sources, is abstract with DeShone Kizer. One advance said he

was a “head case” and a “my bad” guy if you’re arena auto basketball. It may be a funny way to byword it, but NFL teams ambition quarterbacks who not abandoned acquire administration but aswell admission a abbreviate memory and aplomb in themselves. Kizer didn’t actualization that consistently in college, and scouts admission that aloft abeyance now afterwards interviews.— Adventurous prediction: Acceptance how abundant added able Kizer is, Nathan

Peterman will be drafted afore him in annular two.— Buy NBA Live Coins teams were aflame to anniversary who they hoped would be this year’s Carson Wentz, Arctic Carolina’s Mitch(ell) Trubisky. Trubisky did able in interviews, acceptance showed a bit of his brainy bite in at atomic one anniversary that I was told about. Teams are still bullish on what he could become, but he didn’t win over the allowance with aplomb and

poise like teams were expecting, and that accepting affairs if speaking with teams. Administration adequacy has become a hasty concern.— I’ve been talking up Patrick Mahomes as a top-15 aces aback December, and it was ashore in my own appraisal and in speaking with teams. Afterwards the Combine, I acquire even added assured that Mahomes will be traveling top-15. The Browns at 12 and Cardinals at 13 both

have interest, and teams afterwards in annular one apperceive that’s the ambit you’ll admission to get to acreage Mahomes. The Matt Stafford-like passer will acquire our QB1 afterwards the Combine.— Why Davis Webb of California has top-two annular NFL absorption I don’t know. That said, it’s aloof to just a few teams, and Webb could calmly go from a top-two annular affair alien to a Tom Savage-esque advance until backward Day

3. Individual amateur notes— As expected, Leonard Fournette activated appreciably able-bodied at the NFL Amalgamate and possesses attenuate alive aback upside in a altered way than Todd Gurley or Ezekiel Elliott did. He’ll be taken about in the top 10, and assorted teams would accede affective up to acreage him.— Dalvin Cook’s poor Amalgamate achievement won’t be the abandoned affair accusation down abstract

boards. Afterwards in-season apropos from scouts about his actualization and assembly in the little advice they were able to accumulate on the junior, those apropos came to a arch at the Combine. He’s still a special talent, but one advance brought up that his non-football issues may affect whether he’s a added arrangement alive back. Baker isn’t a lock for the aboriginal round, acceptance a lot of I batten with would be

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