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Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on Main) Air Huarache , situated in Central Germany, the fifth biggest city in Germany, is an attractive destination in Europe. Frankfurt got its name around AD 500, when the Franks ruled the area and the settlement along the Main Fort transportation route became known as 'Franconovurd'.

The city is the financial heart not only of Germany but also of the whole European Union, playing important role in world economy. It's been a major banking city ever since the Rothschilds opened their first bank here in 1798. Frankfurt also has a leading stock exchange.

It is home to the European Central Bank and many other banks but it also have thousands of companies, including the moguls of the German publishing industry Cheap Nike Huarache , as well as a number of companies involved in public relations, marketing, media and telecommunications.

No other European city has so many skyscrapers like Mainhattan - a nickname referring to the exciting skyscrapers and business style. During a major event of Frankfurt, the Wolkenkratzer-Festival, skyscrapers are open to the public and spectacular laser and fireworks shows highlight the buildings at night. Frankfurt is also known as 'the most American city in Europe'.

Frankfurt is the city with the highest percentage of immigrants in Germany: with about 35% immigrants, it is the most diverse of all the German cities.

For tourists Frankfurt does offer some sights Nike Huarache Shoes , some good restaurants in the Nordend, several artistic and cultural events, and excellent shopping opportunities. Sightseeing opportunities are mostly centralized in the historical core of the city, known as the Romerberg, where Charlemagne erected his fort in medieval times.

Frankfurt is also a major communications and transport center, it is well known for its airport Nike Huarache Womens , the second busiest one in Europe (after London Heathrow).

This vivid city has many things to do, one of the most important and world-famous events are the international trade fairs and trade exhibitions like International Book Fair (Buchmesse Frankfurt), ACHEMA (chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology), International Automobile Exhibition (Internationale Automobilausstellung) and so on.

Frankfurt is also famous for its 'Goethe-Haus', the house where Goethe was born Nike Huarache Mens , next to the Goethe museum. The 'Zoologische Garten', Frankfurt's large zoo, contains more than 4000 animals. Or if you are interested in botany, you can check 'Botanischer Garten' which have about 5000 botanical species.

As for the weather, Frankfurt's climate is continental. The summers are warmer and the winters can get very cold. June and July are the wettest months and the highest temperatures are in July and August. It is recommended to visit the city in autumn, or in spring.
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Attila Z Jancsina is a freelance copy writer. He occasionally writes for Mitfahrgelegenheit

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A Mao statue stands at the south gate of Beijing Sport University. Photo: Li HaoGT

Mao waves to passersby at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Photo: Li HaoGT

Two students feed a stray cat beside a Mao statue at the China University of Geosciences. Photo: Li HaoGT

Students wearing masks on a smoggy day pass by a Mao statue at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Photo: Li HaoGT

A bird rests on a Mao statue at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. Photo: Li HaoGT

Monday marks the 123th anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong Nike Huarache Run Ultra , founding father of the People's Republic of China. To celebrate his birthday, people pay tribute to statues of the chairman and hold various commemorative activities.

But most attendees of these activities are seniors. The remaining statues on Beijing college campuses stand quiet in the cold.

In 1967, the Red Guards of Beijing's Tsinghua University erected a tall Mao statue, initiating a nationwide wave of making Mao statues. A uniform standard has been set, which says the figure of Chairman Mao should stand 7.1 meters tall to coincide with the founding date of the Party, and the total height including the base should be 12.26 meters to symbolize his birthday. The statues must show Mao standing Nike Huarache Ultra , either waving the right hand or with his hands at his back.

The fever cooled down in June 1969 when the central government issued a document, calling for the end to ""formal and pompous"" ways of promoting Mao's image.

A veteran sculptor estimated that more than 2,000 Mao outdoor statues were erected between 1967 and 1969, the Beijing Youth Daily reported last year.

In 1980, the central leadership released an instruction telling everyone to curb the personality cult. Since then many Mao statues have been taken down, including the statue in Tsinghua.

Incomplete statistics show that there are about 180 outdoor Mao statues built during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) still standing Nike Huarache Premium , and some of them have been classed as cultural relics.

In 1993, the 100th anniversary of Mao's birth, some places re-erected Mao statues, and the creation of Mao statues restarted. But unlike the old days when sculpture work was voluntary, the statues are now sold for cash.

In 2008, a stainless steel Mao statue was placed at Chongqing Medical University. With a total height of 37.4 meters and a weight of 46 tons Nike Huarache Run , the statue was said to be the country's largest one of Mao and cost nearly 5 million yuan ($720,000).

From a political symbol to a product, the changes in how China uses Mao statues also conveys the gigantic transitions of Chinese society.

Though, Mao statues now only stand in a few colleges, Mao's legacy is still affecting a vast number of young people in China. The Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought is a required course for college students.


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