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Unlike RuneScape, World of Warcraft doesn't offer official legacy versions of the MMO. Instead, players take to hosting their own game servers that allow players to return to the game they might have originally played with, before its various expansions launched. Blizzard Entertainment's terms of use, however , don't condone these private servers, resulting in cease-and-desist orders forcing player-run communities like Nostalrius to close.

"A lot of companies want to look forward, not dwell on the past, "Runescape 2007 Gold Ogilvie said when we asked about their take on why other companies, like Blizzard, might not want to embrace heritage servers like RuneScape has.

Kemp told us that the RuneScape team was in a position to support the Old School RuneScape servers when the idea first came about; while he stated it still "takes balls" to actually launch a retro-style version of a game, the developer weighed the options and ability to do so and figured out a way to make it work. Other studios might have come to a different conclusion, he said.

"[But] we know a lot of players take a big, long break from MMOs, " Ogilvie added. "Then they come back to their video game that they've invested thousands of hours into, they log in and they don't understand what's going on. They're going to be alienated by it. "

"It's intelligent to run older versions of the games because if [players] avoid want to relearn,Deadman Gold, if they just want a comfort blanket, they have a edition straight away. "

Both developers noted the actual strong nostalgic desire exhibited by current players of MMOs and other genres — especially ones who have stuck around with games like World of Warcraft, Everquest and RuneScape since they began. As fans of the game they're working on, Kemp and Ogilvie understand where these older followers are coming from. They work to make Old School RuneScape operate alongside the newer model of the game, running them as their own individual yet interrelated projects.


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