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Red Bull advisor Helmut -Marko warned the team could pull out of Formula One over its rules and organization after a disappointing opening race in Australia.

Marko said the Austrian team was "unhappy" with the current situation cheap nike air vapormax , as team principal Christian Horner called for new regulations to level the playing field.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg tore away to a one-two finish in Melbourne, 30 seconds ahead of the next driver, in an ominous sign for the other teams.

Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat suffered a gearbox problem on his way to the starting grid and Daniel Ricciardo was sixth out of just 11 cars to finish.

The debacle, for an outfit which dominated F1 between 2010 and 2013, prompted a dark warning from Marko as he spoke to German-language media.

"We are unhappy with the way Formula One is regulated and run cheap nike air max 2017 mens ," Marko said. "Therefore we will also be thinking about an exit scenario if the cost-benefit analysis no longer adds up."

He added that Red Bull would evaluate their position later in the year.

Despite Red Bull's years on top, Horner said it wasn't "healthy" to have one team dominant and he called for F1 to rein in Mercedes and their superior engine.

"On this evidence, we are set for a two-horse race at every Grand Prix. Is it healthy to have a situation like this?" Horner told reporters.

He said Red Bull had to weather several rules changes during its time at the top, including bans on double -diffusers and flexible bodywork.

The team is also undergoing internal changes with design guru Adrian Newey, who has voiced frustration at the growing number of restrictions cheap nike air max 2017 womens , -taking a reduced role. "Take nothing from Mercedes, they have done a super job," Horner said. "They have a good car, a fantastic engine and two very good drivers.

"The problem is that the gap is so big that you end up with three-tier racing, and that is not healthy for Formula One.

"I fear the interest will wane. I didn't see much of Mercedes on the television and I can only imagine that it isn't interesting watching a procession cheap nike air max 2017 grey , so the producer was looking for other battles going on in the race."

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter (right) and Japan's Defense Minister Gen Nakatani speak during a press conference at the Defense Ministry in Tokyo on Wednesday. Photo: AP

Analysts have interpreted the revision of US-Japan defense guidelines as an official endorsement from the US to allow Japan to exercise the right of collective self-defense, a step further in Japan's efforts to use military force overseas even when it is not under attack.

"The new [US-Japan defense] guidelines will transform the US-Japan alliance, expanding opportunities for the US armed forces and the Japan Self-Defense Forces to cooperate seamlessly," US Defense Secretary Ashton Carton told reporters on Wednesday in Tokyo after meeting with his Japanese counterpart Gen Nakatani.

"The US supports Japan's efforts to play a more proactive role in contributing to regional peace and security," Carter said cheap nike air max 2017 red , adding that the two governments would cooperate "around the globe," according to Bloomberg news agency.

"The term of 'seamless cooperation' indicates that there will be no restraints on what measure Japan takes to cooperate with the US military-wise, be it finance, arms or combat personnel," Zhou Yongsheng cheap nike air max 2017 white , a professor of international relations at China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times.

Geng Xin, a research fellow from the Chongyang Institute of Financial Studies under Renmin University of China, said the move signals that US-Japan security cooperation has entered a new phase as Japan's role in US global strategy and military actions is expected to significantly increase.

The new revision of the guidelines, the first in 18 years cheap nike air max 2017 black , is scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is about to embark on an official visit to Washington DC at the end of this month.

He is expected to confirm the guidelines with US President Barack Obama to clear the legal hurdles in order for Japan to revise a series of security-related bills in May.

In the revised guidelines, the US and Japan will state how their forces will cooperate in four specific situations, including a case of collective self-defense, Kyodo News quoted anonymous Japanese government sources as saying.

The first situation covers peacetime and "gray zone" incidents that stop short of military attacks on Japan. The second covers incidents that would significantly influence Japan's peace and security and is expected to pave the way for Japan to provide ammunition and refuel warplanes bound for combat zones.

The third covers incidents that pose a clear danger to Japan's existence due to an armed attack on an allied country. The fourth is a direct attack on Japan.

"The categories listed in the revised guidelines very much overlap with the concept of collective self-defense. Although the US has on several occasions voiced its support, the new guidelines can be interpreted as an official US endorsement of Japan exercising such rights cheap nike air max 2017 flyknit , written down and signed on paper," Geng told the Global Times.

In the joint press conference on Wednesday, Nakatani said the new guidelines will not be aimed at particular geographical regions, but analysts have interpreted them as a gesture with an eye to China.

"It's clear that Carter had China in his mind when he embarked on his first Asia tour, visiting Japan and South Korea cheap nike air max 2017 leather , two important neighbors of China," a professor from Japan's Kyushu University, who demanded anonymity, told the Global Times.

On Wednesday, Carter hailed the revision as a move to "allow us to open up many new opportunities to strengthen the alliance in areas where that strengthening is needed cheap nike air max 2017 kpu , because the security situation has changed."

"The US is concerned

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