keep the bathroom clean

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keep the bathroom clean

We bring a bucket to put water and detergent, and start by adding the detergent to the sink and brush it thoroughly so that we get rid of all the dirt accumulated on the sink and then rinse with clean water. Then start by adding detergent to the place of need, we rub it well brush and prefer to wear gloves, so as not to hurt your skin.

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After cleaning, rinse with clean water and soap until we remove detergent. We then add the detergents to the wall and floor tiles in the bathroom and brush it thoroughly with a cleaning broom to get a shiny and clean bath. After finishing we rinse the bathroom with clean water and arrange the shampoo and soap in the bathroom beautifully and you can also add a special freshener to keep the bathroom clean and its smell beautiful, From cleaning and arranging the bathroom properly. How to clean the kitchen In the beginning, we prefer to wash the dishes and dry them and put them in place and clean the kitchen to begin cleaning well, then we bring the fat remover and put it on the gas and surrounding areas, because it accumulates on the oil and dirt and leave a little so that we can remove it easily afterwards.

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We add the chlorine to the kitchen tiles and the sink and basin of the mountain and leave it also for about a quarter of an hour, until we notice the melting of fat began. We then begin to clean with soap and water so that we can get rid of all the lingering dirt in the gas, wall tiles, glazed tiles and basin. After finishing the cleaning of the gas, wall tiles and basin, we arrange the shelves and dishes and reflections in a beautiful and harmonious and if you notice the cleanliness of the kitchen shelves, it is preferable to remove all the casings and dishes and all the inside of the shelves and clean and dry well and then rearrange the objects of the kitchen in a consistent manner, Remove foul odors for kitchen utensils or spread cockroaches and insects inside kitchen shelves.

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When you finish cleaning the kitchen, gas and earthenware racks, make sure to remove the garbage bags and throw them in the place outside the house and then rinse the kitchen with soapy water and perfumed well to keep it shiny and smelling beautiful. How to clean the bedrooms Make sure to arrange and clean the bedrooms at least once a week and arrange them daily, so keep it nice and clean and feel comfortable when you go to sleep in the room after a long day of work or study, and to arrange the bedrooms to start First arrange the clothes in their place in the closet and arrange the bed and do the room. Then, if we notice that the clothes are not arranged inside the wardrobe, we arrange them beautifully so that they remain beautiful and make it easier for us to find what we want to wear afterwards.

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