Leicester can learn January jersey lesson to beat Chelsea

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After the humiliation of their 4-0 defeat at Liverpool and the perceived humiliation of their end to the transfer window, Arsenal couldn’t have Authentic Nikola Jokic Womens Jersey wished for a kinder fixture with which to return – albeit the kind of kinder fixture which frequently challenges them. But however you look at things, Bournemouth have not started the season well, nor are they set up to exploit Arsenal’s weaknesses.Arsenal will also be helped by the relative stability of knowing that Alexis Sánchez is theirs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is not, the project of improving him vain, in vain, and well beyond this iteration of Arsène Wenger. Oxlade-Chamberlain’s selection at Anfield apotheosised Wenger’s current muddle, given: a player keen to join Liverpool; his deployment at wing-back, a position which demands unstinting discipline and commitment; his natural unsuitability for that role; the presence on the bench of a specialist, signed in the summer in order to play that role; the need to move another specialist out of position to accommodate him; against a team renowned for its prowess in wide areas. In Wenger’s long and storied career, this is a decision less explicable than all bar his protracted perseverance with Manuel Almunia.
Now, though, Wenger must settle on his best team and, in particular, trust his new players. The http://www.authenticnuggetstore.com/Nikola_Jokic_Jersey impetuous hardness of Sead Kolasinac will bring a bit of fun if nothing else, while Alexandre Lacazette has the pace and intelligence to help Mesut Özil thrive. And Özil needs help to thrive, a reality which may displease those already displeased by his languid style; they can console themselves with his class and finesse, qualities which do not exactly proliferate among his team-mates. Only an idiot would buy a cat and expect it to behave like a dog.
When Chelsea visited the King Power in January, they were already champions-elect, while Leicester were a mess; as such Claudio Ranieri decided to use a formation similar to that employed by Antonio Conte. Football being football, there are no rules to such things, but generally speaking, if an inferior team apes a superior one, class will prevail; the route to unexpected victory lies in exploiting differences, not creating similarities. So Leicester were handed a comprehensive kicking in which the brace scored by Marcos Alonso, Chelsea’s left wing-back, epitomised their expertise at playing a system that Leicester could not hope to imitate.This time things will be different. Craig Authentic Bucks Womens Jersey Shakespeare’s players will be sent on to the pitch to do what they do best and take away what Chelsea do best – or, given the likely absence of Eden Hazard, second best. Rather than simply apply their skill, the champions will have to impose their will, engaged not in an exhibition but a fight – and in a fight, anything can happen. Of course, Chelsea may still win, but Leicester are more likely to prevent that by staying true to themselves than by performing a cheap impression of their opposition.
Moving into a lavish new home …. that will secure their status for a generation … but at the worst possible time ... is the absolute height of Spurs. Though they have learned something from the errors of others, seemingly building a ground not a stadium, there is no escaping the disaster that was not staying put for one more season. But who was to know that after nearly 30 years without, the club would once again have a team to contest league titles, and for whom the elemental advantages of White Hart Lane – its familiarity, atmosphere and tight spaces – would be so crucial to their style of play.Now, though, it is impossible to conceive of them becoming champions while playing at Wembley, nor as they settle in somewhere new, and while their fans can wait – it has been a while already – their players cannot afford similar levity. Inevitably, some will leave, whether for medals http://www.officialbuckstore.com/Kareem_Abduljabbar_Jersey or financial parity with the third best-paid board in England.
Already this season, Spurs have dropped more points at home than in the entirety of last, and already this season, Spurs have done as they did in the previous two, undermining their title challenge with a slow start. Accordingly, they must get going on their travels, and though they could wish for a more welcoming trip than to Goodison, they will find a pitch almost as compact as that at White Hart Lane, may its memory be for a blessing, and more space in which to enjoy it than was afforded them by Chelsea and Burnley.


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